My time working in a ticket office

Snot-nosed costumers, angry costumers and costumers who are too fascinated by boats, I have met a lot of people, some I don’t wanna meet again, whilst being in my new job. Although I just smile whilst they shout all sorts of abuse at me and kill their rant with some Capital FM, I still enjoy it a lot.

I don’t make a lot of friends as you can see, apart from two. A sweet man, Brian, who shouts ‘Do you wanna be a sailor?’ At every person walking past to boost his sales on his boat tour and making cups of tea which most goes on the floor, doesn’t help that the kettle is broke. He is a joy to be around and was interested in the music I was listening and the book I was reading, even though it was fifty shades if grey. Another, who is an artist called Kaya, who often walks up and down whilst painting the same picture at the weekends. He has admitted to me half the time he is just pretending to paint, which I thought anyways. I think he is a friend for life as he has offered to paint a portrait of me. I think I’ll give him a picture of me that he can copy from as I don’t wanna be left alone with him really and basically I’m not good at keeping still for a long time.
Above all, without these two I probably wouldn’t survive.

I have learnt so much about the water and the tides, and trust me there is a lot to learn and it is quite complicated, although it’s just h2o. When the tides are low, it means boats will be late, which means I get angry costumers at my door. It doesn’t help that the tides change everyday. But all in all I definitely am good at pretending to be an expert of the water and a boat lover. Great success!

With the odd one or two costumers hyping I normally can be found jamming outside with my tunes blaring with the rest of the costumers talking about how amazing Zac Efron is and about Eastenders.

For now it’s a farewell to the green hut for nine days whilst I dream about boats..


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