Officially a third year student

It has been a while since I have shared some of my gossip so today is the night I get it on…. Ahh baby.

I have some candles around me, well two, and it has calmed me down a hell of a lot and also has motivated me. Hurrah! Let’s go.

So today I have finally got my results for my second year exams and I have passed…obviously I knew I would do..maybe… but I was actually quite scared I wouldn’t make it into the DREADED THIRD YEAR MWHHAHAHA! My results have scared me though as I definitely have to lay off the shots of tequila and actually knuckle down in order to be rolling with the 1st class club.
Other news…
I had my birthday!! No I didn’t spend my money, like told me to, but you know what I did too much of, BLOODY DRINKING! I thought a bottle of processco would be nothing for the almighty 21 year old me, so I had it… The whole bottle. On the journey to London I managed to piss a lot of people off on the bus as I wanted people to party with me and all they wanted to do was go home bed… BORINGG, didn’t pay for my train journey as I was too gone by this point and ended up at Waterloo station being sick on the pavement, on me and then falling into my lovely, smelly sick. Fair play. To sum it all up, I would say it was unforgettable.

This is me with the dreaded proscesso:


I then had to say bye bye to the bestest friend in the whole wide world as she goes to find some fit man in Madrid.. And also study and so well of course!


I have now done a few shifts as a student ambassador it is pretty cool, I get to wear a hoodie, and be all gangster. I have met some really nice, new students which I hope get really drunk over freshers, but being safe of course, and had a lot of food!!!!


Third year is starting in about two and a half weeks and I am pretty scared to say the least, but also happy to see the bunch of loons I call friends. Freshers week is hopefully going to be the norm of many sleepless nights and vomit on the streets of Kingston.

Ohh just got a special treat of a chocolate pudding delivery straight to my bed, magical… Dreams really do come true!

I also want to try my hand at a vlog, I am reaaaaaaly scared to actually upload any videos of my face as it normally looks grumpy. I have so many videos on my iPad that are just poor attempts of me trying to act smart.. Any advice or any bribes to upload these can be discussed!

Until then, laters! :)


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