Living the high life whilst eating doughnuts: my life at Radio Jackie

Hello all, so this week I am working at the wonderful radio Jackie! It is my local station, so of course, I am very happy to be on board!

On my first day I got there super early so I stole the wifi of M & S whilst pretending to be interested in their clothes, a lot which are for women of a mature manner, to say it lightly..

I decided to be brave and head over 10 minutes early, I was greeted by a lovely man, who offered me a tea or a coffee. I don’t drink either, so I asked for a water, which I think he was amused about. Ever since there is a constant round of drinks flowing in the news room, which is what is like in Oceana, expect of a more alcoholic kind.. I felt at home the moment when I walked through the door. The ambience is very homely and I was comfortable right away. Everyone just mingles together, and if I’m lucky like today, hand doughnuts to you, of course they have to be M&S!

In the first two hours I was in the studio recording news bulletins. Having a microphone in front of my fat face was quite scary to say the least, and hearing my voice back definitely would make anyone happy as larry. Snot nosed and heaving breathing really are the key elements to be successful in the business I think. I did get some voice coaching and after my second, okay fifth attempt, I actually was proud of the change in confident and projection, although this requires me shouting in a room with no one around…. Weirdo.

So far I have had stories approved by my editor and also some which would have been better in the bin, and I’m cool with both really, after crying in the loos in subway during my lunch break, I think I’ll be fine. One story has been on the radio show and another online so I couldn’t have asked for a better start really.

The past two days have been life changing for me, and I 100 percent know I would love a career in radio. Even if it’s just me talking to myself in a room with no listeners, I literally have never felt more positive and more determined to get into this sector or journalism.


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