News this hour: The best week of my life in radio

So I am sad it is the weekend as it means I have to go back to reality and not sit in a studio recording bulletins and basically having a rocking and rolling time, if you pardon the pun.

There have been scary times, panic times, surreal times and picking wrong times to have a laughing fit times. I did things I thought I would never do, like saying the number three nonstop for 20 minutes. I do not think I have listened to my own voice more consciously in my whole 21 years.

Whilst sitting in Costa and having a hot chocolate as big as my fat head during lunch breaks I couldn’t really wait to get back in the office, but also wanted to act cool about it. There were times were I was grinning so much my face was hurting and others around me thought I was mental so I tried to stay cool and say ‘yeah this is cool.’ Although most of the experience I was a little scared or on edge on how my editor would act or say to anything I do, I did manage to share doughnuts with him and also make him laugh, even though if it was just the once…. Maybe it was at me after all.

Yesterday was my last day and I definitely went out with a bang to say the least. I used the studio and a reporter was in after me to report a LIVE bulletin, I turned the mic off as that’s what others have been doing and left the studio. I waited to go back in after the reporter so listened to the radio station as I waited. As the DJ handed over to the reporter, it went silent. I literally died. I thought I did something terribly wrong. During them 20 seconds I literally shat myself 100 times. Thank god it wasn’t my mistake and I walked out without any bruises.

All I can say this has been a learning curve for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better place, better people and a better time. Thanks to everyone there from ones that I shared a laugh with or just a brief hello and a smile, you made it life changing.

That’s all from me, I’m Jo Swan. Good evening.


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