My divine nine November favourites

Winter has definitely kicked off over the last few days reaching MINUS figures, so as the nights get darker, shorter and more freezing, it is only right to stay in and walk around in your onesie, which for your information is still NOT OKAY to wear in public. For me, this season is my favourite. Although the Christmas jumpers are appalling to look at, we all know that Nan is going put one in your stocking. It is the time where you wrap up in layers and layers and find you are still bloody cold, the time when everyone has to wear a gas mask as everyone has some type of coughing and sneezing fit and, for the me, the most important time as it’s.. HOT CHOCOLATE SEASON!

Novemeber favourites

I’m 100% not leaving my house, let alone my bed today, so I decided to share with you some of my favourite things that are essential to me this time of year. Enjoy!

Zara city bag (Zara, £49.99)
1) Zara city bag (Zara, £49.99)

I have wanted this bag for so long I can’t even explain. As I got a lovely sum from my friends at Student Finance I went to buy it. Although it would be handy for University, I didn’t care, I wanted that bag for me and only me. So far, I think it is about two months old, and it is going strong. There are four compartments and you can fit EVERYTHING in, very suitable for A4 folders. The main compartment doesn’t have a zip, so when it rains.. you are in trouble. Other than that I am in love.


2) Eco-tool brushes (Boots, £11.99)

I was debating about these for a while as they are quite tiny, but the selection you get really is worth it. There is a concealer brush and blending brush, foundation brush, complexion blending brush and face brush.  The blending brushes are AMAZING, especially when I’m ill or have been on the piss the night before.. get success.


Garnier cleansing water (Superdrug, £5/6ish)
3) Garnier cleansing water (Superdrug, £5/6ish)

(The  bubbles aren’t included, I just shook it too much.) I have never used cleansing water before as I just thought it was water from the tap. My friend said I should buy it, so I did.. very easily influenced. As you don’t  have to rinse it off there is no wet and slippery floors for you. Probably my favourite product by far. When it is on sale it is only £3, take a look in Superdrug.


4) Palmer's Cocoa Butter (Superdrug, £4/5ish)
4) Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (Superdrug, £4/5ish)

I also got this on the sale, so it was only £3. If you are like me and your skin doesn’t do what it is told and flakes or just is bone dry, then this is a miracle. I’m sure you have all heard of this product so I will not ramble on, all I will say is it will stop your disgusting dry skin on your nose when you blow it.


5) Socks, pack of five (George by Asda, £4)
5) Pack of five socks (George by Asda, £4)

I think my washing machine eats my socks or someone comes in at night and steals my socks, because I ALWAYS loose them. I took a trip in Asda and I saw these cute socks with little animals on and they just reminded me off winter, foxes, badgers, owls, bears, it’s like having a zoo on your feet.


6) Bourjois bronze/highlighter combo (Boots, £7.99)
6) Bourjois bronze/highlighter combo (Boots, £7.99)

Not going to lie, I am a pale biyatch. I am sorting it. So, I thought I would invest in a bronzer. This shade of bronzer really compliments my skin and the highlighter really makes my face brighter and defines my cheek bones. Gone up to 1 on the tan scale, woo!


7) Summer Sunset nail polish (H&M, £2.99)
7) Summer Sunset nail polish (H&M, £2.99)

It is a bit ironic that we are in the total opposite season, but I really love wearing orange in the winter. Although it is a sad reminder of the warm and sunny rays of summer which have completely gone and will not return for another six months.

8) A locket (Gift)
8) A locket (Gift)

Any necklaces that have a long chain are my babies. Lockets are lovely to keep photos of people you love around your next, maybe it is a bit too close, but for me I think it is such a personal and sentimental gift that it had to make an appearance on the list. It will probably take me months, even years, to actually put photos in them, but if I keep it shut, no-one will ever know.


9) Gold earrings (Wallis, £3)
9) Gold earrings (Wallis, £3)

Being a LANDAN GYAL I love gold earrings. It always reminds me of Lily Allen and the ‘LDN’ video. Hoops and other heavy dangled-earrings tend to stretch my ears to the point of bleeding, so studs are the next best thing. It makes me feel rich as I have two ‘gold’ coins on my ears.




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