10 things you think about when you are a hungover mess

I should have learnt by now that if you drink a lot you will get sick, and every time I don’t care.. until the next morning. Today, I am that hungover mess. From now I think I should stop kidding myself when I say “I’m just going for the one…”

Here are a few things that pretty much some up my thoughts of today and any other morning when I have had too many WKDs

10) Why has the sun come out and decided to bloody wake me up? MY EYES ARE BURNING.  Feel like I have only been asleep for 30 minutes when actually it has been hours.. go away sun. Can it be possible to be this tired..

9) What is that annoying noise? Am I imagining it? Gosh, some people are trying to sleep here. CAN PEOPLE STOP MAKING SO MANY BLOODY NOISES. I swear everything is just more annoying and loud… I better lock my door I don’t want to see or talk to anyone.

8) Can’t move and I need the toilet.. I’m going to be sick..every time I move it is disgusting. Maybe I should get up and risk it.. I can’t just be sick in the bed. Right I’m going for it…

7) Yes, I’m in the bathroom.. now it is a waiting game until I vom. Maybe I should eat, drink.. oh crap, here it comes.

6) OMG I have never seen someone in such a state, do I know who this person is looking back at me in the mirror? Oh yeah it’s me.. I’m going back to bed to cry.

5) I should have got food last night.. did I do anything stupid? OMG OMG OMG. What the hell was I thinking? By seeing loads of texts and calls I obviously need to explain myself and maybe hide for a year. Why is there a picture of a table on my phone? I WAS A STATE.

4) Why. Is. My. Mouth. So. Dry. I need water.. oh well done drunk Jo you actually got a glass of water for hungover Jo the night before, how thoughtful of you. Sip it don’t gulp it. My stomach feels like a washing machine..

3) Need to text and talk and evaluate the night with da bitchez.. maybe later. I hope they got home alright and didn’t pass out in a ditch. I can’t even move, let alone talk..

2) Oh god, WHY? Why did I do that.. why, why why. I want to erase last night from my memory.. better yet move to a different country.

1) I don’t care I want a McDonalds.. that’ll make everything better.. or a pizza? Maybe both.


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