All I want for Christmas is you, Mum and Dad

From yesterday’s blog, I told you that December is a hard month for me and I was thinking today and last night that instead of it affecting me I would embrace it. So for the next 25 days until Christmas day I will be sharing some thoughts and some of my favourite memories of my Mum and Dad, so it feels like they are still here with me.

So here are a list of things which made today successful:

  • I had my first proper exam of final year at University, and it went really well. Despite the fact that it’s now December, I remained positive and I stayed calm and did the best that I could have done.
  • Sleep is definitely not for the weak. I felt so refreshed this morning and it really makes a difference to my day. I am still up and productive and it is nearly midnight.
  • My essay is due two weeks today and instead of worrying about and putting it off for another day I decided to make a start to it and although it’s not a crisp and final draft, I have nearly 1,000 words.
  • Plans for the new move in January are in motion, so hopefully a moving date will be on the cards soon.

So today marks the countdown to the first anniversary on the calendar, which is my Dad’s anniversary. So to honour him I will share one of my favourite memories that I shared with him, which is difficult as there have been so many!

daddy one

I remember when this photo was taken. It was in the back garden at my old house and I think I just got a new phone so I was taking photos of us together. After I lost my mum, I literally took photos whenever I could – even if it was stupid ones of him watching television. This photo literally sums up him and our relationship. We were so close and we would be silly together, yes he was my Dad, but he literally was my best friend. He never used to smile in photographs, he always used to pull faces, just like this one. When I did get a smile out of him, it was a rare occurrence. One of my favourite memories with him was on his last father’s day we shared together. I cooked him dinner and I got him the biggest card I have ever brought anyone and he loved it. I baked him a cake that turned out to be a disaster, but he still ate it. I think it was my favourite as it was the last father’s day I celebrated with him. For me, the hardest thing is that I only have photos to look at. No more memories will be shared. I think on important days and special occasions it is a hundred times more difficult as I want him to celebrate with me and see his reactions to my achievements. Although he is not here he guides me through each day and I am grateful that he’s my Dad.


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