How to get rid of unwanted mind baggage

I’m sure I am not alone when saying, sometimes, my mind is my worst enemy. The constant and consistent thoughts going around my head every minute, mainly being negative ones, can be draining and can disrupt daily tasks. Over the years I have trialled many ways to arrange my thoughts and to make my mind as peaceful as it can be.

So here are some of these! Some of my ways to unload some unnecessary and stressful mind baggage.

  • The most important thing to do is TALK. I know sometimes this can be overwhelming when you have a lot of stress going on with work, exams and social dramas, but sometimes you have to let people in, so you can move forward. I have counselling  every week, and weirdly enough, I look forward to it. It means I have someone I can vent to without feeling too bad about it.


  • Go outside. Recently I have become a big fan of walking or running through my local park. It really is a cheap and cheerful way to clear some head space and become more focused for the day ahead.
  • Stimulate your brain with a quiz or a crossword. I believe I was a massive geek in my previous life and therefore some of my favourite TV shows are quiz shows. Although I don’t know most of the answers, I still like having a go at answering the questions. Your thoughts will take a backseat for a while as you try and solve the countdown conundrum (yes, i am a fan, and yes, i can never solve it.)


  • Exercise. I am not telling you to sign up for the next London Marathon, but just a little exercise will not hurt. The endorphines that will run through your body after your workout will make you feel a million dollars, so it is worth it!
  • Write things down. Thanks to one of my good friends, I received a pretty note book for my birthday, and because of that reason, I want to use it! Writing things down can give structure to your thoughts and can also make you aware of thoughts that serve no purpose. Goodbye, negative vibes! Hooray! :)


  • Stop daydreaming. This is my weakness. I love visualising my perfect life and what the future can bring.. but what does this do for me? Nothing. It makes me more worried about my current circumstances and suddenly all the negative thoughts race in. Why dream, when you can wake up and live your dreams.
  • Breath. Find a quiet place, away from any distractions, and breath. Instead of being caught up in your thoughts, you will have time to evaluate them. After 10 minutes, I’m sure your life will not seem quite as bad!



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