My divine nine November favourites

Winter has definitely kicked off over the last few days reaching MINUS figures, so as the nights get darker, shorter and more freezing, it is only right to stay in and walk around in your onesie, which for your information is still NOT OKAY to wear in public. For me, this season is my favourite. Although the Christmas jumpers are appalling to look at, we all know that Nan is going put one in your stocking. It is the time where you wrap up in layers and layers and find you are still bloody cold, the time when everyone has to wear a gas mask as everyone has some type of coughing and sneezing fit and, for the me, the most important time as it’s.. HOT CHOCOLATE SEASON!

Novemeber favourites

I’m 100% not leaving my house, let alone my bed today, so I decided to share with you some of my favourite things that are essential to me this time of year. Enjoy!

Zara city bag (Zara, £49.99)
1) Zara city bag (Zara, £49.99)

I have wanted this bag for so long I can’t even explain. As I got a lovely sum from my friends at Student Finance I went to buy it. Although it would be handy for University, I didn’t care, I wanted that bag for me and only me. So far, I think it is about two months old, and it is going strong. There are four compartments and you can fit EVERYTHING in, very suitable for A4 folders. The main compartment doesn’t have a zip, so when it rains.. you are in trouble. Other than that I am in love.


2) Eco-tool brushes (Boots, £11.99)

I was debating about these for a while as they are quite tiny, but the selection you get really is worth it. There is a concealer brush and blending brush, foundation brush, complexion blending brush and face brush.  The blending brushes are AMAZING, especially when I’m ill or have been on the piss the night before.. get success.


Garnier cleansing water (Superdrug, £5/6ish)
3) Garnier cleansing water (Superdrug, £5/6ish)

(The  bubbles aren’t included, I just shook it too much.) I have never used cleansing water before as I just thought it was water from the tap. My friend said I should buy it, so I did.. very easily influenced. As you don’t  have to rinse it off there is no wet and slippery floors for you. Probably my favourite product by far. When it is on sale it is only £3, take a look in Superdrug.


4) Palmer's Cocoa Butter (Superdrug, £4/5ish)
4) Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (Superdrug, £4/5ish)

I also got this on the sale, so it was only £3. If you are like me and your skin doesn’t do what it is told and flakes or just is bone dry, then this is a miracle. I’m sure you have all heard of this product so I will not ramble on, all I will say is it will stop your disgusting dry skin on your nose when you blow it.


5) Socks, pack of five (George by Asda, £4)
5) Pack of five socks (George by Asda, £4)

I think my washing machine eats my socks or someone comes in at night and steals my socks, because I ALWAYS loose them. I took a trip in Asda and I saw these cute socks with little animals on and they just reminded me off winter, foxes, badgers, owls, bears, it’s like having a zoo on your feet.


6) Bourjois bronze/highlighter combo (Boots, £7.99)
6) Bourjois bronze/highlighter combo (Boots, £7.99)

Not going to lie, I am a pale biyatch. I am sorting it. So, I thought I would invest in a bronzer. This shade of bronzer really compliments my skin and the highlighter really makes my face brighter and defines my cheek bones. Gone up to 1 on the tan scale, woo!


7) Summer Sunset nail polish (H&M, £2.99)
7) Summer Sunset nail polish (H&M, £2.99)

It is a bit ironic that we are in the total opposite season, but I really love wearing orange in the winter. Although it is a sad reminder of the warm and sunny rays of summer which have completely gone and will not return for another six months.

8) A locket (Gift)
8) A locket (Gift)

Any necklaces that have a long chain are my babies. Lockets are lovely to keep photos of people you love around your next, maybe it is a bit too close, but for me I think it is such a personal and sentimental gift that it had to make an appearance on the list. It will probably take me months, even years, to actually put photos in them, but if I keep it shut, no-one will ever know.


9) Gold earrings (Wallis, £3)
9) Gold earrings (Wallis, £3)

Being a LANDAN GYAL I love gold earrings. It always reminds me of Lily Allen and the ‘LDN’ video. Hoops and other heavy dangled-earrings tend to stretch my ears to the point of bleeding, so studs are the next best thing. It makes me feel rich as I have two ‘gold’ coins on my ears.




Money well spent: my new purchases

I went out to the shops and I brought some bananas, grapes and some  new clothes. I just wanted to revamp my wardrobe a little bit, but with some new trends and designs which I have not purchased yet. Of course, I was looking for sale items and to my luck ALL 3 of the items below were reduced, so I was happy and also my bank statement looked healthy (maybe not for long..)

The first thing on my mind was a dress. I ALWAYS love dress shopping for anything; going to the cinema, going McDonalds, going to bed in, etc. it is my favourite clothing product. They are gorgeous and can literally make any statement you want it to show and it makes you look AMAZING – what more do you want. I did not have any peplum clothes at the time so I kicked myself up the bum to make sure that I found something in that design because I loveeee it (since then I have then brought another peplum top/)


(Sorry for the picture quality – it was taken by me!!)

So as you can see it is a peplum dress. The shade of red is not too bright, but red enough for me to think ‘that dress is red.’ The studs on each shoulder gives it that rocky-edge which I like. So I brought it. Not only is it the first peplum dress I have, I also found it in Debenhams (where I NEVER go) I always think it is TOO expensive or TOO debehemy, but I was so wrong. I love all the different brands in there, it is like a high street Selfridges (which I ADORE, especially the bright yellow bags you put your items in.) I highly recommend Debehemhams. On a plus, this dress was reduced from £30 to £15 so I did not think twice when I brought it. The dress also came in black, but I have so many black clothes I really did not want to buy it.

Next for the shoes..


As I am around 5’7 I am VERY tall, actually ABNORMALLY tall for a girl. When I wear heels, which is not very often, I literally am a giant over my friends it is uncool.. and when it comes to guys well a lot of them I have met are smaller than me and that is definitely a turn OFF, so happy I have now found one that I can rest my head on. I LOVE creepers. Some people think they are weird because they are have an inch platform, but I love them. They are smart, stylish and can be worn with anything. The laced detail on them is really girly and it makes the shoes that extra more special. The laced-shoes is also great on a night out, so you are not tempted to take them off (who wants to undo/tie up laces up when you are drunk of WKDs.) I got these from River Island, which I go often, and they were reduced also from £30 to £15, so definitely a winner. When they have a sale, definitely check it out!

Something to keep the cold out


Of course you have to have a cardigan for them winter nights, and to be fair England has prime examples of these so I decided to get another cardigan. I went for a stripped pattern because it is original and with the neutral colours I thought it looked very authentic. I like the thick buttons across the middle and they are very secure (haven’t lost a button yet!) It is made from cotton and it is quite long so do not worry about tight-fittings; you can move around easily. It sure keeps me warm indeed. I got this cardigan from Internaticonale, which is not a ‘well-known’ high-street shop, but it is mainly for young girls and there is a store near me. It is reasonable priced and has a lot of selection. This was reduced from £15 to £7. AGAIN HALF PRICE!!

Shop-a-lot – H&M: Tops of the pops.

Hey guys, me again, decided to come back to the keyboard and start writing my life away. Before I start just wanna say a litle thank-you to everyone who has been reading and followed my blog, if you haven’t then, WHY HAVEN’T YOU – DO IT NOW! :)

To start of this feature… I will be looking at H&M, as it is my favourite shop. If you haven’t heard of this amazing shop then please google it and you will be mesmerised by the lovely clothes and of course the amazing price tag. To be honest, my wardrobe is a little boutique of H&M – I adore it. So obviously I will be showing what they have to offer this season and of course for the amazing spring period.


Images are from H&

1) This top is very neutral and not too tight, so no worries about showing on a stomach which is being worked on this 2013. My favourite print is leopard and this is always in fashion. The pattern is not too bold, but is enough to stand out amongst the crowds. It is comfortable and light for that warm breeze. 2) You can not go wrong with this top. It is adorable and the lace pattern is nice and girly. The colour adds freshness and the sun will reflect on the top and make it dazzling. Although just be careful it is white, so be careful with stains (thank god for Vanish.) 3) Everyone needs a jumper, although we are moving away from nights in with hot chocolates and the fire on, we have to realise it is still freckin’ cold outside. This jumper is thick enough to keep you warm and adds a hint of vintage to the outfit. The stripes on the front does make this jumper elegant and smart. 4) Stripes are in. Stripes are a simple and genius way to hide curves and bumps which you do not like to show. These black and white stripes are retro and stylish, can be worn to any occasion. 5) Just looking at this top I feel warm and look forward to the summer. The see-through pattern allows you to show off your best assets and stay cool. The tassels dropping from the top gives the top a all-round beach look. 6) Just like the previous top, this top also excites me for summer. The bold colour I have chosen is not for everyone, but do not worry it does come in white and black too. The pink, I thought, adds colour to any outfit and of course you will stand out for miles. The tie-up at the bottom allows you to tighten it to whatever suits you best. A lovely feature. 7) This cardigan is a bargain. It is essential to have over the season and also comes in a variety of colours. This grey colour is safe to go with any clothing you wear. It is not restricting and can be buttoned-up to make sure you are wrapped up fully. 8) Spring time is when the blouses come out. This is perfect for them summer days, chill-out days or just lazy days. This pastel colour is not too strong and the drop is perfect for them river strolls. The high neck line also adds maturity and class to any outfit. 9) Last, but not least. This shirt is so beautiful. The detailed studs across the top makes it look very expensive, and you only pay a fraction of the price. You can certainly wear it when going out with friends and to dinner.

If this hasn’t persuaded you, then look at their website:, and I bet you will not be leaving your sofa for hours – the clothes are to die for.



Savvy Sales for NYE

Yes, it is fast approaching, but you still have time to go down to the shops to get something to go into the new year looking glamorous.  Today, I am looking through sales items from River Island to TopShop to Dorothy Perkins. In all honestly sales are pretty decent this year.

My mission, which I chose to accept, was to find an outfit under £20 for the big night out, whether you are chilling round your friends, going out to a club or even (like me) braving the cold and watching the fireworks in London by the Thames. The boxing day and post-Christmas sales have helped me tackle this task without any hiccups.

So without further chit-crap, bring on the outfits!

Outfit 1: Murder on the dance floor


Total cost : £19.50 (change 50p).

As it is a glitz and glam time of year, the gold coloured skirt is suited. It is shiny and will go with any firework you watch this New Year’s Eve. The ‘mini’ style skirt will also show your pins and keep you cool all through the night. H&M shoe sale is probably the best thing ever, heels are as cheap as £5 and boots and wedges are going for £10! OMG! I love it. These heels are plain with a little sparkle on the toes which goes well with the shiny gold. Some people find red a scary colour to wear, but this red I reckon is just the right shade. It will bring colour to the outfit and goes well with the neutral colours within the outfit, also it is a good way for your friends to find you if you get lost – just look for the moving tomato (joking)! The earings were just a nice way to finish the outside, they are simple but will add a lovely statement to the outfit, and you can’t complain – at only 50p (cheaper than a chocolate bar!)

Outfit 2: Skull Candy


Total cost: £20  (No change. Sorry, but you try finding an outfit under £20.)

Out of the three, this is my fav. Firstly, I love the pink shoes – being a typical girl, love anything pink and at £5 I am literally singing with the angels. The pink goes well with the dress that is filled with colour. I love bodycon dresses and especially this peplum style. Which will make people sing ‘Hey sexy lady, woop woop woop woop, oppa peplum style’. I love how it makes the dress more voluminous and hides any curves that you do not like – hallelujah. I like floral designs as it always reminds me of summer and just looking at it makes me warm, although it is winter. The tights are a practical and cheap way to stay warm and without showing off your bum cheeks, pants or even worse… your lady garden (which no florals would like to see). The skull ring just adds a little glamour and makes your hands look nicer along with any nail polish you might, I mean should, be wearing! Plus, look at the savings.. how many cocktails you could have with that. Vida loca!

Outfit 3: Moonlight at Midnight


Total cost: £19 (£1, 99 Flake time)

For people who do not like colour and just like the normal black and dark number, this is perfect for you, and has the most savings out of the three outfits. The dip hem skirts looks beautiful on any figure and the drop hides any thighs and stomachs you do not like. It also makes the outfit look elegant and allows you to feel comfortable without having to pull down your skirt every two minutes as it is going up your crack and never returning. The gold shade it just glamorous and is the best colour for them proper celebrations into the new year. The black studded top will look great tucked under the skirt and look like a complete dress. It is modest, but can reveal a little boobage, but who does not like boobage! A wonderful thing. The studs complements the gold shade of the skirt and the detail just makes it more than just another-boring-black-top-that-does-nothing-for-you. Amen. Girls, go to Office, either in store or on-line. On-line is better as it has more exclusives which you will not find in stores, the sales are astonishing. For example these shoes, you are saving £23! You can buy another pair of shoes with that, or maybe two, with these sales! Definitely worth taking a look, right? Being wedges they are comfortable to wear through the night, and trust me it will be a long one, and the strap will give your foot the support and will keep you motivated to not take them off till you reach your house, but lets face it you probably will not be in the state to bend down and unstrap them anyways, so not to worry!

So that is a grand total of £130.44!!!!!! Amazing sales this year, so definitely head down to them before it is too late!

For now it is a goodbye from me until the New Year, I hope it brings you everything you want along with some happiness and more sales!

Jojo X

a very merry chicmas

Long time no speak, but I am back, back again!

Tomorrow is a day of smiles, togetherness and a feast of food all day. So to be prepared for this festive time of year, here is an outfit for any round the table meal with friends and family or for a good old knees up (my favourite.)

The perfect present

Black and Gold


The black and gold look is perfect for this festive day. The black gives the outfit a high class of sophistication and the gold makes put any christmas faerie lights to shame as it sparkles up any room. The chiffon material is light-weight and makes the drop of the dress very classy. This type of dress has been in fashion this year and is definitely on the VIP list and should be in any girls wardrobe. The studded detail around the upper part of the dress makes this dress fit for any occasion, adding a little bit of glam. The boob-tube detail makes it zero to sexy in 0.25 seconds, give the boys a cheeky peek, it is christmas. The open-toe stilettos will add a couple of centimetres (a plus to the dwarves amongst us). Although the heels are definitely not for the faint hearted as well as the moaners who moan about their feet hurting. The lace loving is gorgeous and will support the foot in the stiletto, so you will not fall over and you do not have to blame it on the drink and not the fact that you are a wally who can not walk in heels. Sorted. The corset ring is just delicious. It is fun and cute and will go with the black theme and also the stilettos. It is just cute, O.K – and cheep cheep cheap! Finally, the gold chunky bracelet is perfect as you are not wearing too much bling, so it will not be overpowering. It will make a gold statement and it is gold, what is not too love?   For the girls who do not like wearing jewellery, then ditch them and just wear a watch – perfect when guys come up to you and try it and you can just look at your watch and be like ‘time for me to go’, when before you would look at your pretend watch and yawn, which makes you look like a bitch, this way you look lovely and believable!! Making the season jollier!

For now, I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you pull more than a cracker.

MUA Makeup Review

So I decided to update my make-up bag, because until a few days ago it was dull and it needed a change. I like to explore new companies and also the classics such as Maybelline, MaXfactor and Collection 2000. I like to grab myself a bargain so when I was in Superdrug I was on the look at for deals. As I strolled to the end of the make-up line I saw a little section of ‘MUA’. I have heard of this brand, but personally have never brought anything from there. I have a MUA mascara which is probably one of the best mascaras I have ever had, perfect shaped lashes and without any clumps. So with this in mind I jumped at the chance to look at their collection.

On a glance they do not have a wide and original collection like some of the bigger brands have, but they have the every day products which women need everyday, which I believe is more important.. and on a plus it is REALLY cheap. I brought three products: an eye liner, a palette of three eye-shadows and a blusher. In my mind the perfect trio to make yourself prettier. Guess what? It only cost me £4.50!!! Yes, that is not a mistake, £4.50!! I was so chuffed that I managed to buy myself some chocolate Santas and chocolate coins.


My little MUA family




MUA Pencil eye-liner, £1, from Superdrug stores


I love eye-liner products, I love liquid eye-liners and I love pencils eye-liners  I know there are a lot of brilliant pencils out there from Gosh, for example, but again for a £1 I wanted to be adventurous and so I brought the one from MUA. It is vital that the pencil stays on your eyelid and does not smudge under your eyes as you will look like an idiot and we do not want that. I am wearing it at the moment and it looks thick and full of colour, as I know some pencils can fade easily as it rubs against your eyeball (love that word btw) and become a fail.

To top it off, just wait – you will not believe this, because I certainly did not, there is a sharpener in the lid.. did you hear me? A SHARPENER IN THE LID. Whoever invented that is a genius. I mean you do not need to buy a sharpener and this can sharpen your eyebrow pencil and all your other pencils – maybe not your colouring pencils, do not think that would be a good idea. It is not blunt either so I have sharpened all of my products which I can sharpen and now I have a make-up bag full of sharp things, so do not p*ss me off – I am warning you (joking..obviously, I am nice.)

To conclude, this product is amazing.

Score 9/10


MUA Blusher, £1, from Superdrug stores


As I am quite pale I need a bright pink to settle on it. There are also darker shades that you can choose from. As you can see it is a small sample of blusher, but 1) What can you expect for a £1? and 2) You can take it anywhere and it saves so much space! – Result, if you ask me. I have noticed as well that when you drop blushers on the floor it can create cracks in the product and this leads to disaster when you open the item as it goes EVERYWHERE! but I have dropped this already down the sink and on floors and I see no cracks, yes. So for the accident-prone in all of us (like myself) this is good to us, so be as accident-prone as you want, but only around the blusher.

To complete the combination, please use a BRUSH! They are necessary for a even coverage and it takes less time to apply rather than rubbing it in with your fingers, which leaves your fingertips pink and creates a weird shape on your cheeks. The brush avoids both of these and follows the shape of your cheekbone to create a circle of blush. Plus, they are cheap. I got mine for £1.99 from Superdrug. If you want to look classy and ‘rich’ then the BarryM blusher brush is only £2.99 and it is green! Ooooh.

Score 8/10


MUA Trio of eye-shadows, £2.50, from Superdrug stores


I needed a new eye-shadow, but three was just a bonus. I chose natural shades as I do not like overpowering eyes as it looks ridiculous. Like who wants to have bright purple eye-shadow mixed with green? For those who do, I am sorry for being rude, bet it looks…nice. I normally like to use two shades on my eyes, one light and one dark. It also comes with a brush with two ends, one to apply and one for shading. As the eye-shadows are moulded circularly it is hard to get the powder on your brush so you do have to apply a bit of pressure. I would prefer to use another eye-shadow brush with bristles on the end so the eye-shadow can cover each bristle in turn.

The ending result is a bit of a let down. It does not stick to your skin, so even when you apply it a billion times it stays the same shade on your eyelids, so I am a little disappointed. Applying the darker shade to the end of my lids did make the orangey colour stand out more, so I was a little happier. On a bigger plus it does not fade on the eyelids and it does create a natural look which blends in to whatever skin shade you are.

Score 6 and a half / 10

Quintuple Neutral : The Safe Shade

Sorry for the delay in posts, just been a bit lazy – but I made sure this outfit would be better than the other ones and would please a lot more people than the other outfits I posted.

I understand that most girls in particular like the ‘au naturel’ look, and I do love it too, what better way to show off than wearing plain and simple clothing and looking a million bucks, definitely prefer that look rather than a big fat rainbow sandwich in your face with all the trimmings – do not get me wrong, I love the sandwiches just not of the rainbow kind. That is why this week I have decided to put an outfit together which is girly, lovely and also not going to give you starry eyes. I have also matched it with some accessories which are ideal for this time of year in order to remain miles and miles away from a cold.


I am a little obsessed with Pull and Bear at the moment, so just under half of this outfit is made up from their products. Although the items are a little on the expensive side, they look beautiful and are clearly good quality. The detailed dress is not too suffocating and allows you to move freely as well as dangling off your hips it will make your figure look great. The colour as well as the embroidery on the dress adds a sense of class to the outfit as a whole. With this dress you can either wear it with tights or leggings and can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion you are going out too; shopping, night out or a dinner this dress can be worn whenever.

For me personally, a dress NEEDS to be put with a pair of heels. I mean it is a girl code. You would not have toast without butter, now, would you? For all you cheeky buggers who said ‘yeah’ then seriously you are weird, toast NEEDS butter – so sort it out… back to the shoes. They are gorgeous and the dark colour contrasting to the light shaded dress is perfect and the heel along with the drop of the dress will make your pins longer which is GO-GO-GOLDEN. The tights are just a nice touch to go with the neutral theme and they are cheap(ish) and will keep them goosebumps away.

I like white big-faced watches. I think they look cool and also a little vintage-like. It also gives a bit of glitz to the outfit, if you are not the type to load your whole jewellery box on your body, do not worry you are not missing out, it is not a good look. Also, the best thing you always know what the time is – so no more being late for things (who am I kidding, I am a girl, I am late for everything).

Leaving the best ’till last : to Republic now. The product is from one of my favourite stores, Republic. Lucky enough for me I have an outlet near me (not because it is a shit area) but because they knew I was there and wanted to treat me, get it? It has the nicest clothes, hence why I have to include their garments in my blogs. The cardigan is so buff, probably my favourite in this arrangement. There is nothing like a big cuddly cardigan to wrap yourself in and then revealing a stunning little number (the biege dress) underneath. Although the colour is light, but it is enough to make the outfit stand out and links all of the items together to make it complete. Yes, it has a cross on the back, and no you do not have to religious to wear it, but I thin this crucifix makes this particular garment unique. Even if you do not like the cross, it does no matter, the cardigan is buff. Besides if you have long hair you can cover it easily, if you have short hair – then just get some extensions.

12 days of Christmas : Pastel V Gothic

This season I am bringing you my favourite and must have clothing for this season, with a hint of colour and difference. Yesterday, it was casual clothing with a hint of colour. The yellow from the jeans and the orange from the scarf, which I posted yesterday, compliment each other, brightening up any winter morning, afternoon and evening. Along with the ear-muffs it gives the outfit a hint of winter without feeling so cold. If you have not looked at yesterday’s outfit then feel free, just scroll down and you will see it (let me know what you think though)!

Enough of yesterday.. on to today’s topic: Pastel V Gothic. Everyone who reads Vogue, Vanity Fair and my favourite, COSMO, have noticed the trend of pastel. The lovely faded colours of pink, green and yellow are perfect for people who like colours, but do want to stand out too much. The pastel palette definitely can make any person feel confident and sexy and give a dose of youth to any woman’s complexion, without needing any needles. It always reminds me of crayons which I used to draw with when I was younger, love the nostalgia. Who does not want to wear crayons and be a kid again.. BECAUSE I SURE DO!

The other trend at the moment is the Gothic look, which features dark colours such as blood red and black. I completely agree with people who choose to wear these dark colours, including plums and purples, this season. Black and reds are the best colour mix I can think of because everyone can wear them and look fantastic, that is why everyone has a little black number they wear on a night out, right? IT IS A MUST! I think the deep black against the red also radiates the Gothic look, although known for years, it always looks sophisticated with a capital ‘s’.

Enough of me rambling on about my loves, it is time to show you my take on the two trends, which I would love to buy and I hope you will as well, but with lack of funds I can not *cries*… I guess I have to wait until January sales (counting down the days already)!

The Gothic Glam Girl:

This outfit has everything which is HOT HOT HOT at the moment, it will definitely not leave you in the cold. The velvet plum top compliments the leather skirt, giving it a hint of vintage. The sleeveless top is perfect for dancing the night away as well as the platform lace boots which look comfortable to dance any macarena. The little flares on the top are a must when you are shaking your booty, to make you feel like a princess with swivels but for a fraction of the price – and you can not get any better than that. La piece de résistance : the aztec tights. I would literally die for them, look at them. Aztec was definitely a hit in the summer, who says it can not be in the winter. The pattern reminds me of music festivals and tie-die tshirts, literally living la vida loca aka student life.

Altogether I believe this outfit is perfect for anyone, although the skirt is a little bit, maybe a lot, up the leg I believe the tights make the outfit modest and gorgeous without looking like a slut pushing out all the wrong assets. Lovely.

Palette of Pastel paradise:


Again I am biased, I would definitely wear this outfit. I am a tomboy girl (which is a girl who tends to like and share an interest in boylike things) so when I put this outfit together I instantly said this is for the prep/sporty girl. Although it is a prep-style outfit, it still has the girly elements, and so it should do! Secretly no girl hates pink, it is in our bones, it makes us look innocent, lovely and cute (of course we are all those things even if we do not wear pink). The colour block from the contrasting green allows you to say ‘au revoir’ to your lumps and bumps and hello to a shape which any mathematician would like to play with. H&M have a lovely range of shirts; they are cheap and also very durable. In particular this one can be worn in all seasons, making you look healthy and bright no matter what time of year, even in the dark. The shirt is optional, but I do think the jumper/shirt combination looks so smart and so stylish that everyone will take you more seriously, even your boss – result. I finished the outfit with a floral bag, hi-top shops and knee high socks. The backpack is not only useful to fill it with shoes, bags, dresses and all the other essentials on your 8 hour shopping binge, but also gives the outfit a little more character. The knee-high socks and the trainers is another A* combination that I love. The neutral colours on the shoes and socks allows them not to clash with any other item and leaves you a very cool mama without breaking a sweat, which to be honest in winter is very hard to do anyway.

Images courtesy of,,, and


12 days of Christmas Crackers

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and of course, warm!

As the sun fades away so does the sunglasses, maxi dresses and the sandals and out comes the jumpers, gloves and hats. As the temperature falls we pile on more and more clothes to stop the shivers in our bones. If you are someone, like myself, who finds it difficult to choose the ideal and warm clothing to wear out.. LOOK NO MORE!

Casual Catwalk with a hint of rainbow:

Grand total: £92.18

Of course, this is just a guide, but you can mix and match as you wish. I love wearing colours, especially when it is so miserable outside highlighted from the grey skies above. Also, feel free to drop the heels and wear boots in order to speed your journey up so you are in the warmth quicker.
With this outfit I would recommend an up-do for your hair such as a bun or even a high pony tail to give the outfit a hint more of sophistication. You can buy the bun helper (which is a foam circle which expands so your hair can wrap round it and create a circle shape, therefore the bun look) from any retail for very little, a few pounds, and have a hairstyle which is easy and quick to do and looks incredible like you can see below..

You can purchase the ‘bun helper’ below from New Look for only £3.50. For the super-saver Primark Stores have one for £1 and comes in all different shades. It is definitely a must have for this season.