Jo’s Journey : Tenerife

Last September I went on a girly holiday for a ten days to the lovely canary Islands. It came at the perfect time to relax on a beach with a few sex on the beaches to hand and pretend to be another nationality, other than english.

We stayed in Los Cristianos which is close to the famous playa de las americas(the clubbing bit, if you didn’t know.) Before this I have not been out of the country for years, and the scenery of red buses and seeing the Queen’s head on everything got very boring, so I was dying to get on the plane out of here.

Of course, I have been on holidays with a group of girls, so much hormones in the air it can cause murder, and the ones with my friends to the party islands, where you stay in a hostel  which is not even adequate for a rat and come back each night drunk on some acid-vodkay type drink, oh the memories! But this hoilday was different, this was with one other girlfriend, the certain test for a friendship I reckon!

The whole holiday in general was a blast, and for the friendship between me and my friend, well I think it was better than ever, definitely after I take a bullet for her and occupied her holiday romance’s less, let’s say, picturesque, while she had the time of her life. You just can’t have this experience anywhere else!

The island itself is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen somewhere so clean, and not because I am from London and all I see is Mcdonald’s wrappers and bird poo EVERYWHERE, but because it was spotless and I like that a lot.

My favourite thing I did whilst in Tenerife is go up Mount Tiede (Pico del Tiede in Spanish). I love heights and seeing things from above and this didn’t let me down. We travelled for hours to get 10,000ft above sea level, which was the furthest we could get to without dying. If you haven’t been up a volcano, well it is pretty hard to do in the UK, where have you been? You will be amazed! We was at the highest peak for about 30 minutes and the photos I got are some of the best I took in 10 day period.

I know you aren’t conventionally allowed a second favourite thing, as it defeats the purpose of favourite, but I’m gonna throw another one in.

I am a big kid at heart and knowing that one of the best and biggest water parks in the Europe was a short journey away from our town, me and my friend jumped at the chance to go! Siam Park is in Santa Cruz and there are bus links to it across the Island. It is about ¬£25 to get in and you will have fun all day! There are so many slides with different speeds and heights. The main attraction was The Tower of Power. It was massive, and for a water slide, without any seat belts, it would make the bravest man, cry. My friend refused to go on it, so I had to take one for the team and I started queuing. Each step I climbed I wanted to turn back down, but knowing there were 10 year olds in front of me, I couldn’t let them think that of me. I did make it out alive, and it was amazing! I probably wouldn’t go on it again as I nearly died, but it is definitely a thrill!

All in all tenerife is such a beautiful island and has loads to offer for adults, kids and couples (which we saw a lot of there.) The people there were so friendly and attempted to speak English, although at times awful, it was nice to see they tried.