10 reasons why Eastenders IS MY LIFE

So every Wednesday when EastEnders is not on, my heart breaks inside. So when there is an hour episode one week, my heart literally rejoices. Although there are some characters who I wish would die already in a stereotypically sad Christmas day episode, I can honestly say that I probably would fit right in running the café or the Laundrette with Dot.

Here is my 10 reasons why I LOVE EastEnders, and why people should convert to it…

1) The theme tune and opening credits. There is nothing more joyous to my ears than when I hear the EastEnders theme tune. It is full of life and it is such a emotional piece. I love the camera angle rotating and zooming out on The Thames.. although it makes me dizzy. Every time I hear it I literally run to the television as I don’t want to miss a second. Proud to be a Londoner.

2) The extras. We all know that Tracey is behind the bar and Winston hovers around in the market. We all pray that one day their talents will pay off and they will get promoted to run the Queen Vic, but that day hasn’t come yet.. When they do get featured or say a few lines it is the best day ever! Go on babes you can do it! So proud of them.

3) Their lives are shitter than mine. It really makes me happy when they are having a bad day. The drama and commotion they all have over that sexy pants Phil Mitchell is just over the top.. Phil, mate. Have you seen Shirley lately? Complete dog. Woof.

4) Christmas specials. I don’t care about The Queen’s speech, and let’s be honest, who does. Christmas in Walford is a time of love, romance, and often death. I don’t think they ever have a good Christmas.. someone always dies on the square. Best one was when STACE and Ginger Max got found out.. cheeky.


5) Bringing back old characters. When Kat and Alfie left it was so shit. When they ‘killed’ off Dirty Den it was shit. But they brought all three of them back, unfortunately Dirty Den was being a dirty animal on webcam so he got sacked from the show. Diddums.

6) Walford. I know it’s a set and is a made up town that has a café, train station, and houses, I do wish sometimes I could get on the district line and go to Walford tube station and live there.. preferably in the Queen Vic.

7) Sex appeal. I mean there is bundles of sexy actors who have been on there or still are in the show; Dennis Rickman, Alfie Moon, Dean Carter, Peter Beale, Patrick Trueman, Wellard the Dog, not forgetting, Dot Cotton.


8) The live episodes. Without Jack Branning forgetting his lines and Max Branning forcing fingers down his throat trying to be sick LIVE on TV.. it is very emotional and a key moment in history. Seeing Walford LIVE as it happens is literally a moment I will never forget.

9) All the other soaps are shite. I don’t think Doctors are fun, I can’t understand Corrie’s accents and Emmerdale is in the middle of nowhere… Case dismissed.

10) Danny Dyer trying to be a family man. His banter is just too much, but I get scared that one day he is going to go crazy and nut someone..


5 reasons why you should start blogging.

Because I love to blog I want you lot to as well (if you haven’t already) here are a few reasons why blogging is great and you should start soon.

ONE) If you are not popular or do not get on with normal life, you can be whoever you want on this… I am not saying be rude or whatever, but it will give you some confidence in order to realise you are incredible and good in life. Along with that you can actually make your life interesting by making up some events like you just had a threesome or maybe your dad is Simon Cowell, anything. It will be entertaining and an instant love.

TWO) You can develop your keyboard skills. We all have to face it we are all going to turn into keyboards one day. The computers are taking over and to be prepared we might as well learn how to work a keyboard in order to battle against in the near future. Also our fingers are getting toned and gaining muscles, great in thumb wars.

THREE) It is a good excuse when your parents come up to you and go “all you do is sit on that computer and do nothing all day'” you can reply and say “actually I am changing the world with my opinions”. They will be so proud of you that they will start blogging as well and you will be the best offspring ever, all siblings will be jealous.

FOUR) Because Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and all the rest of the social sites are crap. They always have been, but now people have realised it for sure because people they call ‘friends’ are boring and chat about how they have had a BANGING NANDOS or statuses of wisdoms which were from a cornflake packet. Just forget all them wastemans and come join the brighter and smarter side with all the other bloggers.. besides you do not have to use ‘#s’ every time to say something. #stupidhashtags

FIVE) You can talk as much as you want without getting moaned at, unfollowed or unfriended. We promote talking nonsense on here and as much as you want as well. You can talk and talk about a bit of dust that is annoying you on your finger and people will like it and be amazed. You are free to do whatever you like, however you like. You no longer have to live in fear and be careful of how many statuses you update.