10 things to do when interviewing your celebrity crush

There is always someone in the media that you think is attractive and most people just leave it as that, but some take it to the extreme and devote their life knowing everything they need to know about them and dedicate hours and hours watching Youtube videos instead of revising. Totally not me.

So when I realised that McBusted were coming to town this week I leaped at the chance to write an article for my student paper. When I realised I would be interviewing Matt Willis for my student paper, I couldn’t help dreaming about him being my best friend and shopping in Primark together and sharing a happy meal on a beach.

I tried to keep cool when I was speaking to him, but at the back of my mind I was screaming and I wanted to propose to him on the phone.. sadly I didn’t. I was so happy that he was down to earth and funny. He made me realise that I didn’t waste my teenage years dancing around my room to the Year 3000 and kissing posters of him every five minutes. (half true)

Here are 10 things that I have learnt and will take with me when I do my next interview with my top bae, Zac Efron.

10) Do not cry and go cray cray. So there were many moments that I could have rambled on about how much this moment meant to me, but I just got on with it. At the end of the day when it comes down to it they want to marry a sane normal person not a girl who crys down the phone. Remember that!

9) Tell them who you are. I was so caught up about asking him about his day and his time massaging horny old women in a salon that I completely forgot to tell him who I was and what my purpose was. He definitely trusted me too much.

8) Be clear. “His name is Joanna.” So for some reason he thought I was a man, don’t know why, but he did. So be confident and clear and show them whose boss… boys love that. Or do what I did and just laugh.

7) Do not slag off /girlfriends/wifes/side chicks. Although you are not sleeping by their side each night, doesn’t make it right to be rude about their other halves. No one likes a jealous bitch.

6) Kill them with kindness. Make sure you tell them you are a fan. They like the fact that you are interested in them and not just some journalist who has no interest in them and can’t spell their name right. Although I do think I made the right decision by not telling him my e-mail is still busted_fan0005…

5) Don’t tell them your life story. Yes you see them on the TV, but they are still a stranger. Don’t tell them where you live or about your boyfriend’s small penis, they don’t want to know. Saying that..

4).. Do give them your Twitter.. or phone number. I would go with the first. I am a bit upset I didn’t give him my Twitter to follow me, but he did manage to find my article and re-tweet it. So I’m well in there..

3) Do not daydream. If you want to share your thoughts tell them, make sure you pay attention to what they say and that you have good responses and not just “Hmm.” “Yeah.” “Cool.”

2) Flirt. I’m not very good at this, so after 20 minutes talking I then said “Oh so I’m coming to see you at the tour next year, will I see you there?” Poor attempt. I’ll go back to the drawing board..

1) Laugh and enjoy it. I mean just treat them like one of your mates… just make sure you breath.


R U Crazy that you are in HOUNSLOW – Conor Maynard in my local area.

It was a Thursday evening and I was a little early for work so decided to hit the shops in Hounslow. It is a shame that I do work in Hounslow, but it has a new look so I decided to pay it a visit.

I was walking around the stores getting flustered with all the amazing clothes on sale plus they were in season too which made me so happy! I couldn’t stop buying more and more things. When the moment went I did put some back as I did kinda have the whole of the stock in my hand after doing a full circle of the sales.

I began to walk over to the shoes and I see this figure by the mirror checking himself out, I was thinking what a douche, but didn’t really think anything of it. I looked up to give this person that look that says ‘stop flattering yourself, hunny’ and then I stopped half way as something about this guy looks familiar. I did stare at him for a couple of seconds before I realize it was that singer of television who is kinda known as the ‘Justin Bieber wannabe’  – Conor Maynard.


To be honest his hair looked better on Thursday

Although I am 20 years old I still couldn’t help but giggle. I then started shaking knowing that I am a couple of meters away from thousands of pounds, this is what money does to me. I did observe him for a while as I hid behind a row of high-heels. I noticed he was looking round the shop a lot, probably seeing if anyone actually noticed him, which was unlikely as most of the women were either older or preoccupied with shoes.


This is how I gave him ‘the eye’

He was with some girl, who was around 17. She decided to pick a jacket which would draw attention to her the most – a leopard print one. She was very short, so I thought the choice was not a good one, but it did match her brown hair. She did refer to Conor as ‘babe’ so I reckon she was either a close close friend of his girlfriend, I am going to say the latter. I mean I did search on websites after I saw him just to see who she was, but she wasn’t to be seen. So I reckon this is an up and coming romance or some fan girl blackmailing him for sending naked snaps, just for the coat. I mean to be honest, it is NEW LOOK, so the coat’s price is pennies to him, so why didn’t she take the initiative and go to CHANEL. That’s exactly what I would do.


This was similar to the coat she was trying on

Anyways I broke the silence to the cashier and he was as excited as I was, he couldn’t help looking over and stumbling over his words. As there was a queue building up I did have to tear him back to reality and show him the group of people getting annoyed behind me. As I did leave the store there were many questions that did arise to me, but one I can’t stop thinking about: “Why hounslow?”