21 things I miss about being young

Sometimes I think, I’M SO OLD. So when I look in the mirror and think “Ew who is that ugly, old thing” looking back at me, I am happy to think that once, even if it was a long time ago, I was a young pretty thing… oh those were the days.

Here is my top 21 things I want back in my life!


You can be entertained for hours by a piece of hair. I mean now all these young ones have i-This and i-That, I mean they get bored so easily. I miss the days where I literally would be given a piece of tissue and I would be happy for hours. Someone come and give me some tissue.. preferably not used.


Classwork = biscuit and nap time. If only that could happen now, being rewarded for eating a biscuit, nowadays I would win that challenge hands-down. The heaps of papers, books and coursework I get given from Uni definitely makes me want to have a nap.. and never wake up.


Everyone is your friend. You could get on a bus and everyone would like you because you are a small person. People would start a conversation with you using only three words: “Yes” “Hello” “Bye” and your day was made. I wish it was that easy now to make friends, if you even smile at someone nowadays people call 999.


Money was limitless. Although your parents may of not had the most money in the world, any money given to you was like winning the lottery. All the money would go to a good cause: The Corner Shop. You would walk out with bags of sweets in your arms feeling like a god, until mum and dad says you are only allowed one sweet and then bed.


Kiss and make-up. Falling out with friends only lasted for an hour, and quite frankly, you probably forgot about it after swapping pokémon cards and sharing stickers.


Watching films when under-aged. The shock and horror when your Mum and Dad covered your eyes during a violent scene or them dreaded sex scenes and you acted all innocent like you didn’t know what was going on. If it happened I just would leave the room to get a ‘drink.’ Probably the most awkward thing to do…


The sleepovers. You eat pizza until you felt sick and you did loads of friendship tests from magazines like SmashHits whilst getting your nails done.. really badly.


Addiction to subscribed magazines. I was the worst at this, plus I never finished them! Each week, or every two weeks I would be so excited to get the magazine, I mean the gift that came with it. I definitely had a CraftCrazy one, Rugrats one and Horrible Histories.


Wicked times on WKD. I’m not sure if it was because it was blue or just because it looked like it spelt WICKED, but it was a gift from heaven when my dad let me have a glass at Christmas. Them times when you thought you was ‘off ya nut’ after having one sip.



Being fearless for no reason. If you saw a scary dark place you would run towards it, not away from it. If someone told you don’t. you did anyways. Maybe I was a rebel, but I would just run through the park at night because I was an effing don and no-one could touch me.    


Believing anything that you got told. Today we would call you gullible and naive, but back then we didn’t know any different. For years I thought there was a witch living in my loft and also got told that S.C is real and would come down our chimney, although we had none and lived in a flat. I always believed he came through the window.. and he still does.. right?


Free taxis. Your parents wanted you to get anywhere safe, so it was Mr Taxi dad to the rescue. They would always try and embarrass you so you would have to jump out a mile away so you could walk the rest without your friends seeing.


Kids menu. I miss the price and I miss the free toy. Just because I’m twenty something, doesn’t mean I can’t have a bloody toy. This is why I like MacDonalds because they don’t question me. Most of all I am upset that I can’t qualify for a £4 all you can get buffet from Pizza Hut.


Discos. The under-age nightclub with more clothing and more crazy dancing. Fizzy cup drinks and sherbet and you are trollied, but no hangover!  The night involved desperate attempts to get the attention of the boy you fancy.. nothing changes there then.


Everyday you are someone different. The fancy dress box really helped with this one. If you woke up and you wanted to be a princess, you put on a tiara, and hey presto, you were a princess. People thought it was cute, not weird. Now, Halloween is our only opportunity.


Getting married or going to a wedding. It is not like all this yucky crap you see now and you don’t need money, if you wanted to marry  it happened in the playground, right there, with a haribo ring. Unfortunately, divorce was normally on the cards by lunchtime


Friday feeling. Friday only meant one thing – Takeaway night! The only reason you was good throughout the week, but to be honest, if you weren’t good, then you probably would get a takeaway anyways… Bargain bucket!



Membership to a youth club. If you didn’t attend one of these, you missed out so much! The place where you can add more friends on Bebo and go on Habbo, which you was banned at home. Chilling outside and watching the boys play football, and arguing with your friends wondering which one of you is going to talk to them tonight.


Oyster cards. My free travel ended on the 30/09/2011 I think.. This was the worst day of my life. Having random days where you went from Richmond all the way to Greenwich and then coming back, just because it was free and it was fun. I pay £1.45 now and I don’t even get a seat or room to move or breath.


Being able to poo and wee wherever I want.  I know it is a disgusting image now, but I mean I do wonder what it would be like to go anywhere I want, sometimes it is such a hassle to find a toilet.. just me?


Wanting to grow up. I remember all I ever wanted was to grow up and do everything that my mum and dad could do, now I wish it all slowed down and I could go back in time. Growing up sucks.


What’s the thing you miss most? Leave me some comments.























we’re all going on a summer holiday

Hiya guys! Hope you are all well! :) I have had a packet of fruit pastilles and I am ready to type. 

Sorry for my little absence, been washing way too much clothes and eating the rest over of my birthday cake and now I can officially say I am used to being 19.. kind of, well what I mean is, is that I have finally brought myself round to actually saying the words: “I am 19.”

So today’s topic of conversation is BRITISH HOILDAYS! Just because I am going for a little getaway tomorrow till Thursday, and I can’t wait. I am more excited for these two days away than I was for Zante, and that was a HOT Greek Island.. although British is getting hot hot hot over the past week or so, so that be great. I am going to a little town called Great Yarmouth, which is to the South-East of Britain and I was born there.

(Great Yarmouth is on the Eastern edge of the ‘Eastern England’ section of the map for all you overseas people)

Every year since I can remember I have always been there on hoilday no matter what, mostly with family, but due to issues other the years that hasn’t been possible, but now the time has come to go back there again! I can’t wait to feel like the kid I was and just have no worries and sit by the sea for hours and hours and watch the sun go down and play for hours and hours in the arcades loosing so much money, but I didn’t care I had such a blast! I will get this lovely feeling again including all the memories that I had flooding back to me and it is all thanks to one amazing guy called Matt. I am so grateful and by far it is the best and perfect birthday present which I could ever ever ask for. There I  will be in my own little world and just have such a good time without caring if people think I am weird by going on the monkey-bars or just acting like an idiot with sand in my hair.


Really don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight, but I better start now – in this heat it will probably take me a few hours just to get settled.

So excited, I’ll keep you posted.

Jo X



our generation

Hiya guys!

You know when you witness so many shocking and annoying things all at the same time it does get to you doesn’t it? And it does make you realise how stupid and how careless some people are in this world that we have to share (unfortunately.) This afternoon was just one of them days really.. everything started normal; got a crossiant, walked to the station, got a free Natural Valley Bar (not normal) etc, etc and then that all changed as I stepped on the 14.37 South West Train to Hounslow.

The journey was going smoothly at first I had a good read of the metro I finished my croissant and starred outside the window as I saw the sun trying to peep through the grey clouds above me. I did get a little annoyed that there was some group talking so loudly about things that I couldn’t give a shit about, like rugby and how one of their brother’s girlfriend’s mum was a milf (enough said) and some woman sitting opposite me listening to Call My Name on repeat about 3 times.. not amused.

I then got to Kew Gardens which is around 10 minutes from Hounslow, so I knew I was nearly home. This man came on the train with a bike in a full fluorescent outfit all covered in some coal or dirt or some other disgusting and smelly substance. He sat to the left of me, which was unfortunate for me for the events which was about to follow. I knew there was something not quite right about him as soon as the doors opened and I saw him. I’m not whether it was the way he slammed his bike on the floor, the way he kept going in and out of the toilet every minute or just the way he kept shaking his head and saying ‘no’ to himself, I just don’t know.. but I reckon all three contributed to that opinion. He then got a Metro newspaper and started reading it, it did not last long as he didn’t even manage to open it without ripping the front cover off as he got frustrated that he couldn’t open it and then started ripping all the other pages and throwing them on the floor. I found it hilarious, but of course I didn’t wanna getted ripped-up myself so I decided to bury my head in my own Metro paper and be distracted by the horrible news that the weather is not improving for today. As I got distracted the man moved towards the toilet door to sit down, I think he got fed up of the Polish woman in front of him talking in her language on the phone, in all respect she was really loud, it was annoying, but I don’t think slamming his head and his hands on the window made things better as she continuted speaking loudly until she got off the train at Isleworth.

One more stop away and I was free from this train which was beginning to turn into a mental hospital.. Everyone who got off in Hounslow was respectful and kind to let the man off the train first, to avoid being brought back to his torture cell. And that was it, he walked off with his bestfriend, the bike, and we all were relived we could live an extra day. Success. But guess what? My rant does not end there, oh no way.

Dreading the next stage : the bus journey. It was like half 3 so obviously there will be loads and loads of kids on the bus talking about Mooshi Monsters and Justin Bieber, my perfect afternoon. I decided to standup just in case I am trapped by little kids as they talk about their love for Justin Bieber (EW). This girl was standing by the doors with the most ridiculous piercings ever, she had the Madonna and her lower lip pierced.. and I ask myself WHY WHY OH FUCKING WHY? Get one of the fucking other.. stupid people! It isn’t cool and it don’t make me like you more. The worst doesn’t stop there either! I would say she was around 14, oldest 15 and she was pregnant. Okay, to be clear I think that is wrong for someone that age to get pregnant. It is illegal and it isn’t sensible, but I know a lot of people get slack for this and do prove everyone wrong and I respect that, but still it shouldn’t of happened. I did kinda judge her from when she shouted out to a bus full of people ‘im pregnant’.. not being rude love,  but no-one really cares. The thing which made me vexxing inside  the most was when she said in a chavvy voice “basically the thing that i am well not looking forward to is my waterbreaking in school, I mean imagine that. People are gonna think I pissed myself” -starts laughing-. I’m thinking if you listened in school and that then maybe you should have learnt how to fucking use CONTRACEPTION, not that fucking hard. Secondly just shows how she is not ready for a child by her attitude.

Case dismissed.