21 things I miss about being young

Sometimes I think, I’M SO OLD. So when I look in the mirror and think “Ew who is that ugly, old thing” looking back at me, I am happy to think that once, even if it was a long time ago, I was a young pretty thing… oh those were the days.

Here is my top 21 things I want back in my life!


You can be entertained for hours by a piece of hair. I mean now all these young ones have i-This and i-That, I mean they get bored so easily. I miss the days where I literally would be given a piece of tissue and I would be happy for hours. Someone come and give me some tissue.. preferably not used.


Classwork = biscuit and nap time. If only that could happen now, being rewarded for eating a biscuit, nowadays I would win that challenge hands-down. The heaps of papers, books and coursework I get given from Uni definitely makes me want to have a nap.. and never wake up.


Everyone is your friend. You could get on a bus and everyone would like you because you are a small person. People would start a conversation with you using only three words: “Yes” “Hello” “Bye” and your day was made. I wish it was that easy now to make friends, if you even smile at someone nowadays people call 999.


Money was limitless. Although your parents may of not had the most money in the world, any money given to you was like winning the lottery. All the money would go to a good cause: The Corner Shop. You would walk out with bags of sweets in your arms feeling like a god, until mum and dad says you are only allowed one sweet and then bed.


Kiss and make-up. Falling out with friends only lasted for an hour, and quite frankly, you probably forgot about it after swapping pokémon cards and sharing stickers.


Watching films when under-aged. The shock and horror when your Mum and Dad covered your eyes during a violent scene or them dreaded sex scenes and you acted all innocent like you didn’t know what was going on. If it happened I just would leave the room to get a ‘drink.’ Probably the most awkward thing to do…


The sleepovers. You eat pizza until you felt sick and you did loads of friendship tests from magazines like SmashHits whilst getting your nails done.. really badly.


Addiction to subscribed magazines. I was the worst at this, plus I never finished them! Each week, or every two weeks I would be so excited to get the magazine, I mean the gift that came with it. I definitely had a CraftCrazy one, Rugrats one and Horrible Histories.


Wicked times on WKD. I’m not sure if it was because it was blue or just because it looked like it spelt WICKED, but it was a gift from heaven when my dad let me have a glass at Christmas. Them times when you thought you was ‘off ya nut’ after having one sip.



Being fearless for no reason. If you saw a scary dark place you would run towards it, not away from it. If someone told you don’t. you did anyways. Maybe I was a rebel, but I would just run through the park at night because I was an effing don and no-one could touch me.    


Believing anything that you got told. Today we would call you gullible and naive, but back then we didn’t know any different. For years I thought there was a witch living in my loft and also got told that S.C is real and would come down our chimney, although we had none and lived in a flat. I always believed he came through the window.. and he still does.. right?


Free taxis. Your parents wanted you to get anywhere safe, so it was Mr Taxi dad to the rescue. They would always try and embarrass you so you would have to jump out a mile away so you could walk the rest without your friends seeing.


Kids menu. I miss the price and I miss the free toy. Just because I’m twenty something, doesn’t mean I can’t have a bloody toy. This is why I like MacDonalds because they don’t question me. Most of all I am upset that I can’t qualify for a £4 all you can get buffet from Pizza Hut.


Discos. The under-age nightclub with more clothing and more crazy dancing. Fizzy cup drinks and sherbet and you are trollied, but no hangover!  The night involved desperate attempts to get the attention of the boy you fancy.. nothing changes there then.


Everyday you are someone different. The fancy dress box really helped with this one. If you woke up and you wanted to be a princess, you put on a tiara, and hey presto, you were a princess. People thought it was cute, not weird. Now, Halloween is our only opportunity.


Getting married or going to a wedding. It is not like all this yucky crap you see now and you don’t need money, if you wanted to marry  it happened in the playground, right there, with a haribo ring. Unfortunately, divorce was normally on the cards by lunchtime


Friday feeling. Friday only meant one thing – Takeaway night! The only reason you was good throughout the week, but to be honest, if you weren’t good, then you probably would get a takeaway anyways… Bargain bucket!



Membership to a youth club. If you didn’t attend one of these, you missed out so much! The place where you can add more friends on Bebo and go on Habbo, which you was banned at home. Chilling outside and watching the boys play football, and arguing with your friends wondering which one of you is going to talk to them tonight.


Oyster cards. My free travel ended on the 30/09/2011 I think.. This was the worst day of my life. Having random days where you went from Richmond all the way to Greenwich and then coming back, just because it was free and it was fun. I pay £1.45 now and I don’t even get a seat or room to move or breath.


Being able to poo and wee wherever I want.  I know it is a disgusting image now, but I mean I do wonder what it would be like to go anywhere I want, sometimes it is such a hassle to find a toilet.. just me?


Wanting to grow up. I remember all I ever wanted was to grow up and do everything that my mum and dad could do, now I wish it all slowed down and I could go back in time. Growing up sucks.


What’s the thing you miss most? Leave me some comments.























Glastonbury 2013

In June thousands of people travel to a little village in Somerset to be amazed by live acts from the biggest names in the music industry, and they were not disappointed.

I was one of the lucky ones to be able to get the gold dust tickets on that cold day in October. That seems a blur now, but what replaces it is 5 packed days of fun at the festival.

Firstly, getting there was a nightmare. I mean Victoria Coach Station (Victoria, London) certainly was not prepared. I mean there were queues and queues of people waiting for coaches and being delayed for around an hour definitely was not good, especially when you have your home and your entire life on your back to live of for the next few days.

The hours past and excitement took over, so we were there in no time at all. The blazing sun made all our bodies soaked in sweat was not good when searching miles and miles of field for a good pitch for our tents. Also, seeing as queues for showers were hours, the outcome was we stunk for days. Beautiful.

As a girl, I got to say that I really do not like camping. I think I knew that before, but realised how much I hated it when I actually got there. I mean you have no space in your tent and it is scorching hot in the day and in the evening it is freezing cold, you can’t win! There were times when I wanted to pack up shop and head back to London, but my heart always told me to stay. I’m glad I listened as I had moments I will not forget.

The acts did not start until Friday, I mean the major acts. This year we was quite lucky to have The Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones and Mumford and Sons as headliners. Pretty good value for money, if you ask me. To top it off we pitched literally 100 metres from the Pyramid Stage (where all the main acts played) so if we wanted to we could fall asleep to the sounds of Mick Jagger and crew.

I bet a lot of people reading would want to ask Who was the best live act you saw? and A LOT of people would say The Rolling Stones.. I would love to agree, but I didn’t even go to see them. People could say I’m mad, others would say sensible. My reason is I wanted to see something that I enjoy, therefore I went to see Chase and Status as they are more my cup of Earl Grey, if you get my drift – and for that reason they were my favourite. Check them out on BBC IPLAYER and see if you can spot me in the crowds.

Yes, the food you there was not on the luxury side, but still has the expensive pricetag, but tastes worse than McDonalds, but the people you share amazing experiences with and the music drowning all of us in goodness. I can say that Glastonbury is definitely somewhere I would recommended to everyone and obviously go again.

Oh and just to clear up, I know there was some documentaries about the festival being ‘crazy’ and everyone is ‘high’ not just of the music.. but it really isn’t. Yeah you walk through and can smell weed and goodness knows what, but people are there to enjoy it so let them be whoever they want to.

Here are some pictures courtesy of me, enjoy.


thoughts of a swan

What gorgeous weather we are having in the UK.. why not have a sun tan and music blaring without spending money travelling miles away to an exotic country (although that would be wonderful.)

Currently, I am not really doing much – the biggest excitement for me, is reading the last Fifty Shades book: “Fifty Shades freed.” I am still working as a tutor and I really am loving it, and the pay check I get at the end of the month. Sometimes it is hard finding the cash to pay for bills and the joys of being an adult, but I always seem to manage it, so it is all good for now.

So.. in the past month:

  • I have gone to Glastonbury 2013. The only word I can think of to to describe it without going on and on is MEGA!
  • I brought a new phone, which is amazing! It has snapchat, instragram and all the best stuff on it.. I had to buy it as I bit my old phone as I was angry and also hungry.
  • I now have Instagram and Snapchat, add me if you must: Instagram – gotswan Snapchat – swanmojo


I’m still very lazy and still never update this as much as I would like. Sometimes I really do not have a lot of things to talk about, mostly it is because I just can’t be bothered.

For now, I reckon I will leave you with some pictures of Glastonbury for you to be jealous at.


amazing view for the hill


 swollen face from sun



giant twister


Much love

Jo x


Happy Thursday everyone! 

So last night was student night, therefore I was out in Kingston getting ma crunk orn, you may call it getting smashed! And so I did, but today hasn’t been a good day. Woke up so ill that literally I felt like all my body parts are going to fall off. I spent most of the day hugging the toilet and throwing all the contents in my stomach (which believe me were not much by the end of the 2 hour ordeal) into the toilet. Great stuff.

On a higher note, last night was probably one of the best nights I have had at Oceana.. it is kinda a luck of the draw if you have a good night or a shit night, and tbh most of the times it has been shit.. and only a few are good, but you have to be drunk to experience those. For a student night it was quite empty, which I liked as I hate little pricks who barge into you and think its funny. I had a few of them last night, but I sorted them out soon enough with my own barging. Drinks were cheap, got most of them brought for me – result, so obvs I am not complaining.

Hours in there really felt like minutes and it was time to go home. I managed to get into a fight with some boys as they pushed one of my friend into the road, little pricks, and soon they backed off knowing not to mess with the Swanage. How the fuck can you push a girl? To make things worse pushing a girl in the road? Stupid little fuckers. By the time the bus came everything was sorted and I got on the bus (without paying) and soon enough I was at home having some strawberries before crashing out.

After spending the whole day in bed and rolling around in my bed going insane whilst being in so much pain I finally woke up and left my house looking like a ghost crossed with a cat that has been dragged through bushes and then thrown again the wall (No cats were harmed when making this blog and no, I do not agree with animal violence, it was just a saying).

With a Coke, sandwich, chocolate lollypop, jammie dodgers and spaghetti bolognaise in me I still feel like crap right now, only thing which is making it a bit more bearable is seeing pictures and statuses of my friends when they were drunk last night. I like very much.

For now I am going to go and watch Crimewatch, which I enjoy very much.. not. I dunno why I watch it I get scared too easily by things on there, I hate it, but I love scaring myself to the point that I am afraid of leaving my house…

Note to self: Need to talk to someone about this

The cure will always be shopping

Salut, hope you are having a lovely Thursday.

The weather isn’t too bad, for me it is probably perfect to go shopping in. It isn’t too cold and isn’t too hot, so I won’t get too sweaty or wet when carrying loads of bags around, result.

I love shopping, shopping for anything, in particular I love clothes shopping. I mean if there was a degree called ‘Shopping’ I certianly would study it, imagine that you would study the world of shopping and probably be able to go shopping a lot and buy loads of stuff. Your exam would probably be to buy an outfit for a certain occasion, wow that is such a good idea. Getting myself a little excited there, my bad.

Anyways, so this week I haven’t gone to Uni, which in my defence is not my fault. I mean if a cold wants to come at me at this time I can’t stop it.. maybe I should wear more clothes and eat good food, but oh well, regardless not my fault, right? No medicine has the power to get rid of it, other than shopping, so that is why today I am going to go and shop shop shop! Besides it is good as it is getting me out of this dull house and making me do some exercise which can’t be bad. I dunno what to buy yet, but I am thinking something for my friend’s birthday which is on Saturday – going to SLUTSKIES, coz we iz sluts, obviously! To fit in I probaly will go to JDsports and buy the most blingbling tracksuits and some Hightops and obviously some gold chains.. sorted, or just wear a ‘dress’ which is no longer than a teatowel wrapped around your body. Practical and cheap *high5*.

In other news, I have been told that I may be able to go to France afterall, but in semester 2, which is still a result. I mean if I can do one semester at Kingston and do the other in France I will only have one more year of it.. yes you can guess I can wait to get out of that place. For people who wanna or are considering going to Kingston, please don’t. It is really really crap. The food is disgusting and it is quite expensive, the hoodies are expensive, the building looks like a rough estate and the teachers are not helpful apart from a handful. Literally worst place ever, rather go to prision for a few years.. obvs joking, but anything but that University would be lovely.

Anyways my cue to go and start shopping can’t wait, will update you on my purchases later.. Probably will be crying and in shock on how much I spent, can’t wait!

A bientot,