10 things to do when interviewing your celebrity crush

There is always someone in the media that you think is attractive and most people just leave it as that, but some take it to the extreme and devote their life knowing everything they need to know about them and dedicate hours and hours watching Youtube videos instead of revising. Totally not me.

So when I realised that McBusted were coming to town this week I leaped at the chance to write an article for my student paper. When I realised I would be interviewing Matt Willis for my student paper, I couldn’t help dreaming about him being my best friend and shopping in Primark together and sharing a happy meal on a beach.

I tried to keep cool when I was speaking to him, but at the back of my mind I was screaming and I wanted to propose to him on the phone.. sadly I didn’t. I was so happy that he was down to earth and funny. He made me realise that I didn’t waste my teenage years dancing around my room to the Year 3000 and kissing posters of him every five minutes. (half true)

Here are 10 things that I have learnt and will take with me when I do my next interview with my top bae, Zac Efron.

10) Do not cry and go cray cray. So there were many moments that I could have rambled on about how much this moment meant to me, but I just got on with it. At the end of the day when it comes down to it they want to marry a sane normal person not a girl who crys down the phone. Remember that!

9) Tell them who you are. I was so caught up about asking him about his day and his time massaging horny old women in a salon that I completely forgot to tell him who I was and what my purpose was. He definitely trusted me too much.

8) Be clear. “His name is Joanna.” So for some reason he thought I was a man, don’t know why, but he did. So be confident and clear and show them whose boss… boys love that. Or do what I did and just laugh.

7) Do not slag off /girlfriends/wifes/side chicks. Although you are not sleeping by their side each night, doesn’t make it right to be rude about their other halves. No one likes a jealous bitch.

6) Kill them with kindness. Make sure you tell them you are a fan. They like the fact that you are interested in them and not just some journalist who has no interest in them and can’t spell their name right. Although I do think I made the right decision by not telling him my e-mail is still busted_fan0005…

5) Don’t tell them your life story. Yes you see them on the TV, but they are still a stranger. Don’t tell them where you live or about your boyfriend’s small penis, they don’t want to know. Saying that..

4).. Do give them your Twitter.. or phone number. I would go with the first. I am a bit upset I didn’t give him my Twitter to follow me, but he did manage to find my article and re-tweet it. So I’m well in there..

3) Do not daydream. If you want to share your thoughts tell them, make sure you pay attention to what they say and that you have good responses and not just “Hmm.” “Yeah.” “Cool.”

2) Flirt. I’m not very good at this, so after 20 minutes talking I then said “Oh so I’m coming to see you at the tour next year, will I see you there?” Poor attempt. I’ll go back to the drawing board..

1) Laugh and enjoy it. I mean just treat them like one of your mates… just make sure you breath.


10 reasons why Eastenders IS MY LIFE

So every Wednesday when EastEnders is not on, my heart breaks inside. So when there is an hour episode one week, my heart literally rejoices. Although there are some characters who I wish would die already in a stereotypically sad Christmas day episode, I can honestly say that I probably would fit right in running the café or the Laundrette with Dot.

Here is my 10 reasons why I LOVE EastEnders, and why people should convert to it…

1) The theme tune and opening credits. There is nothing more joyous to my ears than when I hear the EastEnders theme tune. It is full of life and it is such a emotional piece. I love the camera angle rotating and zooming out on The Thames.. although it makes me dizzy. Every time I hear it I literally run to the television as I don’t want to miss a second. Proud to be a Londoner.

2) The extras. We all know that Tracey is behind the bar and Winston hovers around in the market. We all pray that one day their talents will pay off and they will get promoted to run the Queen Vic, but that day hasn’t come yet.. When they do get featured or say a few lines it is the best day ever! Go on babes you can do it! So proud of them.

3) Their lives are shitter than mine. It really makes me happy when they are having a bad day. The drama and commotion they all have over that sexy pants Phil Mitchell is just over the top.. Phil, mate. Have you seen Shirley lately? Complete dog. Woof.

4) Christmas specials. I don’t care about The Queen’s speech, and let’s be honest, who does. Christmas in Walford is a time of love, romance, and often death. I don’t think they ever have a good Christmas.. someone always dies on the square. Best one was when STACE and Ginger Max got found out.. cheeky.


5) Bringing back old characters. When Kat and Alfie left it was so shit. When they ‘killed’ off Dirty Den it was shit. But they brought all three of them back, unfortunately Dirty Den was being a dirty animal on webcam so he got sacked from the show. Diddums.

6) Walford. I know it’s a set and is a made up town that has a café, train station, and houses, I do wish sometimes I could get on the district line and go to Walford tube station and live there.. preferably in the Queen Vic.

7) Sex appeal. I mean there is bundles of sexy actors who have been on there or still are in the show; Dennis Rickman, Alfie Moon, Dean Carter, Peter Beale, Patrick Trueman, Wellard the Dog, not forgetting, Dot Cotton.


8) The live episodes. Without Jack Branning forgetting his lines and Max Branning forcing fingers down his throat trying to be sick LIVE on TV.. it is very emotional and a key moment in history. Seeing Walford LIVE as it happens is literally a moment I will never forget.

9) All the other soaps are shite. I don’t think Doctors are fun, I can’t understand Corrie’s accents and Emmerdale is in the middle of nowhere… Case dismissed.

10) Danny Dyer trying to be a family man. His banter is just too much, but I get scared that one day he is going to go crazy and nut someone..

10 things you think about when you are a hungover mess

I should have learnt by now that if you drink a lot you will get sick, and every time I don’t care.. until the next morning. Today, I am that hungover mess. From now I think I should stop kidding myself when I say “I’m just going for the one…”

Here are a few things that pretty much some up my thoughts of today and any other morning when I have had too many WKDs

10) Why has the sun come out and decided to bloody wake me up? MY EYES ARE BURNING.  Feel like I have only been asleep for 30 minutes when actually it has been hours.. go away sun. Can it be possible to be this tired..

9) What is that annoying noise? Am I imagining it? Gosh, some people are trying to sleep here. CAN PEOPLE STOP MAKING SO MANY BLOODY NOISES. I swear everything is just more annoying and loud… I better lock my door I don’t want to see or talk to anyone.

8) Can’t move and I need the toilet.. I’m going to be sick..every time I move it is disgusting. Maybe I should get up and risk it.. I can’t just be sick in the bed. Right I’m going for it…

7) Yes, I’m in the bathroom.. now it is a waiting game until I vom. Maybe I should eat, drink.. oh crap, here it comes.

6) OMG I have never seen someone in such a state, do I know who this person is looking back at me in the mirror? Oh yeah it’s me.. I’m going back to bed to cry.

5) I should have got food last night.. did I do anything stupid? OMG OMG OMG. What the hell was I thinking? By seeing loads of texts and calls I obviously need to explain myself and maybe hide for a year. Why is there a picture of a table on my phone? I WAS A STATE.

4) Why. Is. My. Mouth. So. Dry. I need water.. oh well done drunk Jo you actually got a glass of water for hungover Jo the night before, how thoughtful of you. Sip it don’t gulp it. My stomach feels like a washing machine..

3) Need to text and talk and evaluate the night with da bitchez.. maybe later. I hope they got home alright and didn’t pass out in a ditch. I can’t even move, let alone talk..

2) Oh god, WHY? Why did I do that.. why, why why. I want to erase last night from my memory.. better yet move to a different country.

1) I don’t care I want a McDonalds.. that’ll make everything better.. or a pizza? Maybe both.

16 people you meet on The Tube

After having a long day the last thing you want to do is have your face in someone’s armpit or someone who will not turn their Celine Dion album down. I’m not sure if it is a blessing or just a tragedy having these people in the same carriage as you, or worse, sitting next to you.

16. The dying cat. Some random person coming on the tube with some sort of instrument, thinking that the tube is the 02 arena in disguise. Unfortunately, the crowd are more interested in their Suduko than to listen to your attempt to sing. Sit down.

15. The nice old couple. You will not meet nicer people than these. They sit next to you and smile while they hold hands and sit in silence. Sometimes, if you are lucky, they may even have a conversation with you, normally involving the weather.

14. The horrible old couple. I have come across a few of these, and of course everyone can be a bitch, but making excuses just because your old doesn’t make it O.K to be a bitch. Giving everyone evils and whining about people under your breath isn’t going to get you a seat.

13. The 9am drunk. When you are drunk everyone is your friend, but when you are sober a drunk person is NOT your friend. Downing suspicious looking drink in a black bag is not going to fool anyone.


12. Over excited tourists. Being in a different country is exciting, but when everyone on the tube is angry and tired, we don’t want really want to hear you talk about how great your time and your life is as you have just visited Big Ben.

12. The non-sharer. These people who think it is O.K to take up all of the arm-rest. Who are you? AND what the hell are you doing? Have one or the other, not both. I will fight you.

10. The clueless. These are the ones that don’t know what a tube is, better yet, don’t know where the hell they are going. Trying to make a call when you are UNDERGROUND isn’t going to work. Gotta love them

9. The sweaty man. How can you not know if your armpit is dripping with sweat. If you are sweaty and it is HOT try not to reach up and grab on to the highest rail! It is not pleasant and no-one will write to the Metro’s Rush-hour crush about you.

8. The gangsters. They find it funny to use the rails to do gymnastics in rush hour. Let me tell you, it isn’t funny. Also, we don’t want to hear N-Dubz blaring out loud.. go and update your iTunes.

7. The creep. There is always that one guy who thinks it’s fine to look at you for the whole of the HOUR journey and expect you not to get pissed off. At least hide your creepiness with sunglasses..

6. Over the top romantic couples. If you want to stick your tongue down each others throats please do it at home and not in front of MY BLOODY FACE.


5. Tube friend. This one person who understands your pain when you get pushed. You exchange eye rolling and smiles. This makes you realise they have your back 100%. So emotional when it’s time to say goodbye.

4. Choong ting. So obviously this is a rare one because most are mingerz, but having nice scenery to look at is always a bonus.

3. Make-up girl. Everyone is fascinated watching that one woman who woke up so late that she couldn’t do her make-up.

2. Person who don’t understand the meaning of PERSONAL SPACE. This person thinks they can push you just because they have been up for the past 12 hours. Go to bed.

1. Me. The only normal person who your’ll ever meet on the tube.

Wanted a Ben and Jerrys ended up with a magnum….

As the sun was shinning in London yesterday I thought it was the perfect time to get a Ben and Jerrys, seeing as they are the only two fellas which give me pure satisfaction in my mouth… Of course the Ben and Jerrys was inside a subway, I mean that is normal. I’m waiting in the queue and the server is taking ages to scoop out Ice Cream, I wanted to help her, but I probably would just swim in the ice cream containers, If only that was possible. 5 minutes went by, and soon ten, and guess what? Still not getting my ice cream, so.. I waited patiently and soon I was next in the queue, result!

She then held up her fingers to show two minutes and then popped off. Firstly, I’m glad she didn’t give me ‘the two fingers’ in the other way as I would have put her head in a subway sandwich and fed it to rats, secondly, I thought she was just going to the bathroom, so I hoped she washes her hands after, or getting another colleague. But no. Next thing I see is her with her coat and bag leaving the shop, I thought it was a joke, but as soon as she got the bus, I knew that she isn’t coming back. I didn’t know what to do, so just stood their giving evils to the subway men and shouted ‘do you know what costumer service is? Well this definitely is poor.’ Clearly I am a ghost or they are deaf, better yet, they are gits, and just carried on serving 6inches to their costumers wondering why a sandwich is bigger than their own penis.

I was devastated as I left Ben and Jerry behind, but in the distance I saw the magic golden ‘M’ and instantly my tears went. Feeling on top of the world I walked into the shop and asked for a Mcflurry. ‘Sorry we have no ice cream.’ I was gonna have a break down and start shouting at her, but decided to go to the toilet and calm down. I thought this day couldn’t get worse, but the hand dryer wasn’t working so I had to shake my hands dry like some 5 year old. To top off this amazing experience a woman, who came out of nowhere, but probably came through the door obviously, just stood in front of the mirror.. Not moving, or smiling.. Quite possibly not breathing. I thought she was going to either kill me or jump through the mirror, but luckily she didn’t do anything.

I still needed a ice cream, so I had to get a magnum. I’m not saying they are crap, but I wanted a bloody Ben and Jerrys.

All over a stupid ice cream.
The end.

Talk with Sir Trev: “People like us, we need light!”

So on the 3rd October Kingston University students had the privilege of meeting the one and only, Sir Trevor McDonald.


Trevor on the famous news at 10

The excitement kicked off once 6:30pm came around, but ten minutes later he was still nowhere to be seen. Was he okay?

It got to 6:50 and he entered the building. I do not think anyone cared that he was late as long as we got to see a bit of terrific Trev! After arriving ‘fashionably late’ and blaming it on ‘Kingston traffic’ he then started with the talk.

He started by telling us about his very ‘normal’ day, he had a meeting at Buckingham Palace, but NOT on any royal business. The way he just casually said it was like yeah sure, because that happens everyday for us. Not. I can imagine that the queen must love him though and they probably walk around the grounds with her corgis, what a lovely date. Sorry Phillip! ;)

Everyone was at the edge of their seats throughout the hour and a half talk; everyone was hanging on his last words and waiting for the next story to come our way. I mean he talked about meeting Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush (Trev hated his views, but thought he was the most ‘classiest guys’, although his brilliant idea was to go to war. But that’s obviously a touchy subject..) and the amazing Morgan Freeman, I think that was my favourite name drop.

When meeting Morgan Freeman, Freeman wanted the lights a little lower to the point where it was very dark. Sir Trevor said: “But people like us, we need light.” There was a roar of laughter in the hall and it still gets me now. Quote of the night for sure!


Morgan looking dench

Of course for me being a journalism student, his words of wisdom will stay with me for a long while. He kept saying ‘Being there is better than reading about it.’ – which of course is very simple. “Try and embrace as much as you can. I mean travel; get out there!” Although being a student means you have no money, but still we can dream of the wider world and maybe travelling there one day..

One story which was very funny, but also strange to think how things have changed was about his journey to China. If you didn’t know, in China, people didn’t let strangers in their houses. So Trevor thought this was quite ‘peculiar’ so he said this to his crew. The lady did agree for them to come into their home and film. When they went there the lady gave them some slippers and Trevor of course gave the crew a look that said ‘see I told you.’ But the lady then explained that she got these as she knew Trevor and his team had no time to get these even though it would be respectful, so she got them to save embarrassment. So Trevor got it all wrong… don’t worry we all do it sometimes, obviously journalists do!

The other key moment of the talk was when he went to Iraq to talk to the president, Saddam Hussein. Sir Trev didn’t like the fact that he was sharing the room with several other people and it wasn’t really ‘intimate.’ He did complain and one of Hussein’s personnel said that they are never allowed in the same room as him so you (Trevor) should feel privilege. He never answers questions or made to answer them. No-one interviews him.’ He went on to say that some of his security men were nasty to him and made him give his ring, watch and pen to them. He laughed it off by saying in return they gave him one of ‘Saddam Hussein’s election pen,’ but he politely declined..

When meeting Mandela he thought he could give him a good headline for the Daily Mail, seeing as he was falsely prisoned for 26 years, but he had never seen anyone merged so mentally unharmed. Mandela said the reason was ‘once negotiated, everything is possible.’

Sir Trevor indeed ‘strutted his stuff that night’ a phrase which he loved using and told us to indeed do the same. ‘Don’t let people find their limits in your dream, if you want something bad you will work enough. The people who say you can’t do something are the people that you don’t trust.”

When asked what event was the most inspiring he responded “Never would I thought that I would be standing in a crowd in 2009 where a black man becomes president.”


Bring a tear to my eye 4 years on :’)

On that note, we can definitely say that change has definitely come and will keep on coming.


Things that annoy me.

Just thought to pass the time I will share you some things in this world which makes me want to stab my eyes out with a pen… (just to let you know, I have already lost one during my life..) JK.

Anyways, lets get on with the list..

  1. The cold. In particular the wind. I hate being cold. My house is cold enough without me having to go outside in the blizzard and freezing my NUT off. Literally hate it. Especially when you have done your hair and it is all f*cked up as soon as you step out for 2 seconds. OMG. #fml
  2. Fangirls. In particular Bielebers, or however you motherf*ckin’ spell it. I don’t care. I hate them. They go on about the same thing over and over again; ‘how amazing they are’ ‘how gorgeous they are’ when they aren’t and they keep going on and you just want them to go away. IDIOT. Just stop. All of you go in a room and never come out.
  3. Leading on from that point… JUSTIN BIEBER. I am not going into it, because EVERYONE knows why he is an idiot already.
  4. Awkward people. When you meet someone for the first time in particular and thy are so awkward that they just sit there and say nothing and when you try and talk about something they literally give one liners. GET A GRIP AND EXPLORE PEOPLE.
  5. Requests from FARMVILLE and all these other games on Facebook. Look people if I wanted to play these games I would have already, besides I have a life so shh.
  6. 12 year olds these days. OMG. Do I have to even explain these. They think they are cool because they have their BBM and their Nike Airforces, but can’t put a sentence together. Aww what a shame. F*ck off now.
  7. Oyster cards. I don’t get them. They are blue and is a bus pass. Why do they call it that? Besides I have lost around 20 cards in the past and also the cost is annoying – £1.40!!!!!
  8. Telephone boxes. They always nick my money, and it is not a joke anymore. I hope you get extinct.
  9. Spots. They always come out when I have somewhere to go, but as soon as I have a bed day or a day off, I can see nothing!! All clear.
  10. The word ass and crack. I do not like them words they really make me cringe, especially when used together. EW.
  11. Cats. They stare at you when you walk past, well at me anyways, coz I think they know that I hate them. Sorry cat lovers, it is a NO from me.
  12. Over religious people who talk about God, church and all the rest of it. Look, I do not believe in anything and that is my choice. I respect your views, but don’t talk to me about it.  I am not going to convert.
  13. Toaster burning my toast. Especially when I have to get somewhere quickly. I am not happy.
  14. Bus drivers driving away as soon as you get to the door. Enough said – too many embarrassing stories to tell.
  15. Rugby on at Twickenham. I literally live down the road, and when there is a match it is too busy and I hate it. The people are twats. Transport is slow – just for this stupid sport. Go away.
  16. Couples who feel the need to tell the whole world that they are together. Look we know you are going out and we know you are in love with each other and been going out for the past 3 months, 2 weeks, 1 day and 7 and a half hours. WE DON’T CARE. Don’t you get it. Stop posting photos of you and your partner kissing or half naked in bed. ITS DISGUSTING. Just be normal… gosh.
  17. Swallowing my tongue ball. Whoever has their tongue pierced will understand. Especially when you have no bar with you. So annoying. Feels weird when it is not in.
  18. Having your keys at the bottom of the bag. You put them somewhere safe in your bag, but they are always on the bottom. That is so annoying.
  19. Elderly people thinking they are bossmans when they get on public transport. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, we should all respect elderly people, but sometimes they do not respect us and think it’s okay to force themselves on our seats.
  20. People eating horrible stinky food on transport. Yeah, this is horrible. Makes me feel sick andI do not like it.. (Most of my hates does surround transport.. I have just realised)
  21. Having only one more video you can watch on porn sites. So annoying when you need to bash one out.
  22. Not turning your alarm off and it goes on when you can sleep in. Has happened all the time, my advice is to MAKE SURE YOU TURN IT OFF. Also it annoys me when the alarm goes off when it has to as well.
  23. Last orders. You are getting into the night and the bell rings, why do they want to spoil our night! It is not fair, we want to come and party and bull. Let us.
  24. Rising prices in Mcdonalds. This goes to the Happy Meal in particular. Literally was £1.99 now they are nearly £2.50 not happy. The portion sizes are still the same and besides the toys are not getting better.
  25. Chipped nail varnish. It is annoying when your nail varnish goes crap. It is horrible. You have to paint them again and that is hassle.
  26. Having a left hand. I mean I do not use it a lot, only for  certain things, but it always gets in my way when I am sleeping and I lay on it.
  27. Being tired when you are not in your bed. I just want my bed, nothing else. Windows, benches and sits are not places where I can be comfortable and fall asleep.
  28. People having a bigger portion of food than you. When you go out and you order the same thing, but the other people get more food. It is not fair. Especially in Nandos, normally I just nick their food. Its good.
  29. Only iTunes can be used with Apple products. This just is frustrating if I have paid for the music then just let me download it on anything I want.
  30. Growing old. Decided to end it on something which I wish never happened. Miss all the things I did when I was younger, and just not having to do anything.

Well that was fun, feel less stressed now!

Five reasons why girls are better than boys.

I like doing a blog like this just because they normally are funny and also I do love the controversy that it creates, typical journalist, ey?!

So without further talk let’s see why girls are better than boys in 5 steps.. easy peasy!

1) Girls can wear makeup.

I know instantly people are going to say ‘boys wear makeup too’, and you are correct, but I am going for the stereotypical view of a girl and a boy. Besides all the makeup I have seen in the stores are for girls, so there is definitely a bigger range. Anyways, enough of that. Girls can wear makeup. They can make themselves look more attractive, even if they are having the worst day ever. We can make our eye lashes longer, our face clearer and our lips redder. It is great. Boys only have like spot treatment, so that is still good, but not good enough to clear them up straight away. So girls win on this point.

2. Clothing for girls are better

To back this point up I can quote my boyfriend saying ‘Why do girls have more clothes in this shop than boys, so unfair.’ It is true though. For example Burton/Dorothy perkins. The ratio of boys clothes to girls clothes is about 100:1. No joke. Normally the boys clothes are hidden away as well, probably because they are so crap :). -love- Girls clothes are more unique and has a lot of patterns on them. On the other hand boys have very plain clothes and normally follows the clothing world than set their own trend. The sales!!! The girls are so much better than boys because shops know girls love their clothes and this is a perfect way to intense us in by having dresses, shoes and all the rest of it at very low prices. There are sales for boys, but it is very boring and reductions are for clothes which no-one will like, for example: ‘a one shoulder top’. Ridiculous.

3. The manipulative gene 

We can get our own way, even if we are wrong. For example if we just give a boy a smile they will open the door for us, and in our world that is a keeper. To be fair, girls love being powerful and in control and HATE any guy trying to stop us in our attempt of world domination. Although everyone knows that girls can be like this, people still let us do it! Result. Our long hair obviously  helps with the process, we can just whip it out and play with it around our fingers and flutter our eyelashes to get what we want. So our appearances does help us, indeed.

4. We do not have to do all the chasing

When we are in clubs, boys come up to us and we feel great about it. It is also great when we say ‘err go away’. If you were the boy you would feel horrible and probably would down some vodka and go home singing ‘All by myself’. Aww.  But seriously, cba to do all the chasing it is annoying when you are not successful and also it is one of the DON’Ts in the girl handbook. Girls should never ever ever chase after a boy or even make the first move, it is just not the right way to do things. At least if the boy does chase you and he fails, he will get over it, but I bet if it was a girl NO-ONE will ever forget that moment. Living hell.

5. The bedroom scene

Leaving the best until last. This is my favourite one. I know this sounds REALLY lazy, but that is my middle name; you can literally just lie on your back and do nothing and enjoy yourself. You do not have to sweat it out or get sticky and still get your treat at the end. Oh the joy. You control everything in there. All you have to do is scream and breath heavily (if he is worth it) and everything is custhy. Always the way forward. Besides guys love being dominate so everyone is a winner.

Of course there are many more reasons, but I see a Dairy Milk chocolate bar staring at me and I need to have a break and eat it. Yum.


Just got back from Gala Bingo, and I must say I really enjoy it. I love the thrill and the ‘buzz’ they call it when you are one number away from winning £10, £20 or even £1,000! Going with friends make it such a laugh, yes I have friends as sad and boring as me to spend their Wednesday night (which is student night where I live, CHEAP DRINKS) at a bingo hall with 80 year olds! It is funny hearing all the shouts, which are more like high pitched screams, when people have won. They do sound like they have just had sex and then realised the man had a vagina.

The cost is only a tenner and tonight that came with an easter egg coz they value their members and they know that I will come and spend because I want the flipping egg – good tactics. Although we didn’t win it was full of laughs. There was one woman who shouted ‘bingo’ and was so chuffed with herself that she started smiling and jumping out of her seat like a little kid, and then the caller said ‘that is not a claim, sorry’ and she looked so deflated that she changed seats so her back was turned to the whole hall. Bad times. We were all pissing ourselves though. Another thing that happened today was one of the workers did not turn their mic off, so as the numbers were being read out we could hear his conversation ‘how many pounds do you want?’ and other stuff like that.. my mind instantly thought dirty. LOL. It took the caller 5 attempts to get him to realise he was a prick and left his mic on, he finally turned it off.

Lastly, I learnt something new today.. At the end of the game there is a ‘linkup’ which all the bingos in the country come together and play a game or two. The jackpot is around a couple of hundred pounds, so it is always worth a try. Today the winner was in ‘Fishponds’ and no it wasn’t a pond in someone’s back yard where a fish won, it is a place in Bristol. So that is my fact of the day.

Who needs Bieber-fever when you can get the buzz from bingo-fever!

5 reasons why you should start blogging.

Because I love to blog I want you lot to as well (if you haven’t already) here are a few reasons why blogging is great and you should start soon.

ONE) If you are not popular or do not get on with normal life, you can be whoever you want on this… I am not saying be rude or whatever, but it will give you some confidence in order to realise you are incredible and good in life. Along with that you can actually make your life interesting by making up some events like you just had a threesome or maybe your dad is Simon Cowell, anything. It will be entertaining and an instant love.

TWO) You can develop your keyboard skills. We all have to face it we are all going to turn into keyboards one day. The computers are taking over and to be prepared we might as well learn how to work a keyboard in order to battle against in the near future. Also our fingers are getting toned and gaining muscles, great in thumb wars.

THREE) It is a good excuse when your parents come up to you and go “all you do is sit on that computer and do nothing all day'” you can reply and say “actually I am changing the world with my opinions”. They will be so proud of you that they will start blogging as well and you will be the best offspring ever, all siblings will be jealous.

FOUR) Because Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and all the rest of the social sites are crap. They always have been, but now people have realised it for sure because people they call ‘friends’ are boring and chat about how they have had a BANGING NANDOS or statuses of wisdoms which were from a cornflake packet. Just forget all them wastemans and come join the brighter and smarter side with all the other bloggers.. besides you do not have to use ‘#s’ every time to say something. #stupidhashtags

FIVE) You can talk as much as you want without getting moaned at, unfollowed or unfriended. We promote talking nonsense on here and as much as you want as well. You can talk and talk about a bit of dust that is annoying you on your finger and people will like it and be amazed. You are free to do whatever you like, however you like. You no longer have to live in fear and be careful of how many statuses you update.

Savvy Sales for NYE

Yes, it is fast approaching, but you still have time to go down to the shops to get something to go into the new year looking glamorous.  Today, I am looking through sales items from River Island to TopShop to Dorothy Perkins. In all honestly sales are pretty decent this year.

My mission, which I chose to accept, was to find an outfit under £20 for the big night out, whether you are chilling round your friends, going out to a club or even (like me) braving the cold and watching the fireworks in London by the Thames. The boxing day and post-Christmas sales have helped me tackle this task without any hiccups.

So without further chit-crap, bring on the outfits!

Outfit 1: Murder on the dance floor


Total cost : £19.50 (change 50p).

As it is a glitz and glam time of year, the gold coloured skirt is suited. It is shiny and will go with any firework you watch this New Year’s Eve. The ‘mini’ style skirt will also show your pins and keep you cool all through the night. H&M shoe sale is probably the best thing ever, heels are as cheap as £5 and boots and wedges are going for £10! OMG! I love it. These heels are plain with a little sparkle on the toes which goes well with the shiny gold. Some people find red a scary colour to wear, but this red I reckon is just the right shade. It will bring colour to the outfit and goes well with the neutral colours within the outfit, also it is a good way for your friends to find you if you get lost – just look for the moving tomato (joking)! The earings were just a nice way to finish the outside, they are simple but will add a lovely statement to the outfit, and you can’t complain – at only 50p (cheaper than a chocolate bar!)

Outfit 2: Skull Candy


Total cost: £20  (No change. Sorry, but you try finding an outfit under £20.)

Out of the three, this is my fav. Firstly, I love the pink shoes – being a typical girl, love anything pink and at £5 I am literally singing with the angels. The pink goes well with the dress that is filled with colour. I love bodycon dresses and especially this peplum style. Which will make people sing ‘Hey sexy lady, woop woop woop woop, oppa peplum style’. I love how it makes the dress more voluminous and hides any curves that you do not like – hallelujah. I like floral designs as it always reminds me of summer and just looking at it makes me warm, although it is winter. The tights are a practical and cheap way to stay warm and without showing off your bum cheeks, pants or even worse… your lady garden (which no florals would like to see). The skull ring just adds a little glamour and makes your hands look nicer along with any nail polish you might, I mean should, be wearing! Plus, look at the savings.. how many cocktails you could have with that. Vida loca!

Outfit 3: Moonlight at Midnight


Total cost: £19 (£1, 99 Flake time)

For people who do not like colour and just like the normal black and dark number, this is perfect for you, and has the most savings out of the three outfits. The dip hem skirts looks beautiful on any figure and the drop hides any thighs and stomachs you do not like. It also makes the outfit look elegant and allows you to feel comfortable without having to pull down your skirt every two minutes as it is going up your crack and never returning. The gold shade it just glamorous and is the best colour for them proper celebrations into the new year. The black studded top will look great tucked under the skirt and look like a complete dress. It is modest, but can reveal a little boobage, but who does not like boobage! A wonderful thing. The studs complements the gold shade of the skirt and the detail just makes it more than just another-boring-black-top-that-does-nothing-for-you. Amen. Girls, go to Office, either in store or on-line. On-line is better as it has more exclusives which you will not find in stores, the sales are astonishing. For example these shoes, you are saving £23! You can buy another pair of shoes with that, or maybe two, with these sales! Definitely worth taking a look, right? Being wedges they are comfortable to wear through the night, and trust me it will be a long one, and the strap will give your foot the support and will keep you motivated to not take them off till you reach your house, but lets face it you probably will not be in the state to bend down and unstrap them anyways, so not to worry!

So that is a grand total of £130.44!!!!!! Amazing sales this year, so definitely head down to them before it is too late!

For now it is a goodbye from me until the New Year, I hope it brings you everything you want along with some happiness and more sales!

Jojo X