9 ways to battle the boredom

‘I have nothing to do,’ ‘I can’t be bothered,’ are some reasons that lead to boredom, but these are not expectable! There are 1000s of things to do to stay active and be engaged in tasks. For me being bored makes me do silly things like eat all of my fridge contents, stalking past love/lust interests or just having a nap. All these things, may seem small, but can really impact on your mood and get you feeling bad about yourself, which is horrible!

At the moment I have so much time on my hands that I have forced myself to go outdoors and start getting socially involved in the community. Not only I am no longer bored at home, I am outdoors, talking and interacting with people, even if I just say ‘Good morning’ on my morning runs.

So, when you do feel helpless and you find yourself with loads of time on your hands, then here are some ways to invest to make your time, golden.

  • Have a clear out. I love doing this! I hate having items, just for the sake of owning them. So many people are hoarders, and it is a habit to let go of! I bet there are dresses, jumpers and shoes that have been abandoned at the bottom of wardrobes all across the country, and it is time to do something about it! Donate to a friend, give to a charity or even sell your items at car boots sales or on eBay!
  • Spring-cleaning! We have approached the season of spring, so get out your pink marigolds and have a tidy up. A clean home is a happy home.
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  • Any charity will be so grateful for your spare hours on a Sunday, although most will be hung-over, but a bottle of coke will help you through. You also gain some skills to put on your CV, but you are also helping towards the charity’s goals.
  • Join a class or sports team. I know when people mention ‘sports,’ other people’s stomachs wretch at the thought. Learning a new skill, like pottery, or being involved in a class with other people, can really boost your confidence and your mood!
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  • Look through old memories. I have hundreds of photos around my flat and sometimes I like to look through them. Seeing your aunts, grandmothers and uncles, when they are younger, can be inspiring and motivating. It is also funny to look at all their wacky hairdos and fashion sense (sorry guys!)
  • Bake/cook. I am not a genius in the kitchen, but I know I love the smells and warmth cooking brings to a household. The aroma can fill a house with joy and affection. Even using a ready mix is still OK!

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  • Start a blog. For me this is a no brainer. You can create articles and posts which you solely own, how brilliant is that! Plus, you can express how you feel with a few touches of a keyboard.
  • Arrange a get together with your friends. Get out of the house and have a catch-up! Even just to the coffee shop round the corner.
  • Pamper yourself. Even crack open a facemask or paint your nails. This is the perfect time to indulge without any rush.
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  • It’s okay to do nothing. Having a moment, just for you in this busy life, is a miracle, so embrace it!

10 ways to make you smile

Hey everyone, I have taken a break from writing for a few months, but recently I have had a change of heart and wanted to start and share with you my thoughts and day-to-day life events, so here I am!

With so much free time on my hands being unemployed, I have discovered that it sometimes can get me a little down. I see most of my friends and family doing so well, either working, studying, travelling, etc. and it always gives me a shock and therefore puts my life into perspective. For months I have continued this circle of thought, until recently.

Of course, I CAN NOT be like other people, and to be honest, why would I want to. Everyone achieves their goals in their own time, some slower than others, and everyone will get to theirs in time. My advice is the sooner you stop comparing yourself to others, the quicker you will focus on yourself to realise how many nice qualities you have.

With this in mind, I decided to share some joy and some wisdom with my top 10 ways to make you smile.

Un) Arrange a sleep structure. Get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time. Sleep is golden, and so is time! The early mornings can be painful for the first 10 minutes, but your body will get used to it! (Even on weekends, people!) When you realise how much more time you have just by awakening one hour earlier, it will show.

Deux) Have some ‘me’ time. I know having a social life stops you from being a loner, but once in a while, do something that you like doing, or just be with your thoughts for the evening. You never know what genius ideas you may have!

Trois) Start something new. I am not saying pack your bags and move country, (which would be amazing, don’t get me wrong) I mean join a sports group after work or college or use your creativity to create new art work for your house.

Quatre) Stroke an animal. I love dogs, so for me this is proven to work! Animals can provide joy without them trying, and even if you don’t like dogs, I’m sure looking through a fish tank at the cast of Finding Nemo would calm you down and make you relaxed.

Cinq) Explore the outdoors. Especially now the weather is sunnier (I DON’T WANNA JINX IT) everything outside looks 1000% more beautiful. Invest your time in the green spaces we have, before it is too late!!

Six) Charity work. This can be as simple as giving your spare time either fundraising, volunteering or just donating unwanted things to a charity shop. It is all for a good cause.

Sept) Spend time with nieces/nephews or little children (that you know, of course!) I know an afternoon with children can be some people’s worst nightmare, but they can be the funniest people most of the time and plus, you can join in and play hide and seek.

Huit) Have long phone conversations. I know people use social media way too much these days, but actually having a chat on the phone with a close friend, even talking about rubbish, I think still can lift your mood.

Neuf) Run yourself a bath and fill it with all your products, bath bombs, gels and soaps. I am not saying waste all of these in one go, but once in a while, just have a splurge. This is definitely one that I love doing.

Dix) Reflect. Sometimes people forget about how far they have come and concentrate on the journey ahead of them. Just remember all your achievements in your life and remember all the people you have shared memories with. Then you will realise the positive impact your life has had, on yourself and on others.

it’s summer, but where is the sun?

Salut :)

Gosh it feels like it has been ages since I have sat down and wrote a few things about my life and thoughts.. but I thought this is the perfect time. I have haribo and chocolate at the ready, boyfriend is at work and I literally have free time (which hardly ever happens) so here I go..

So a few of you who read my previous blogs will realize that I am not at university at the moment as I am enjoy a long summer, well now it doesn’t seem as long as it felt like in May, which seems like just yesterday – crazy stuff. We are now in July and it feels like this year is going so quickly, although I have done so much, but at the same time so little.

Since I last blogged I have done quite a bit.. I started a new job on a boat and when I do get shifts (which is rare) I love it. You are on the boat in the sun (which is also rare atm) talking and having a laugh with people you have just met, and by the end of the journey you are calling them your friend. It is literally the best job in the world, and your colleagues are so funny and mad that you literally feel like 12 again. So it is sad that I haven’t worked there for a good few weeks now, so fingers crossed I will get a shift or two soon..

Getting over that little hiccup I have literally been enjoying free time without studying or getting up early for university, actually anything for that matter. Sometimes Matt tries to get me up super early so we can have a productive day, but that usually starts at like 12 for me after all the flaffing around. He doesn’t like. I have also been spending spending spending on lovely food like Nandos and Tangfastics (72p per bag at Sainsburys, so get down there) and lovely drink such as Vodka, Vodka and occasionally some Orange Juice, Tropicana of course.  I have also survived a week of drinking smoking and staying up till god knows what hour in the beautiful island of Zante, if you are young, like drinking and having fun, don’t mind staying in a shithole and wanna get laid then that is the place to be. AND DON’T WORRY, I was faithful, matter of fact all the people I went with were good as well… expect for a few (only joking, love you).

After a hectic few weeks of preparation, going to Zante, coming back from Zante and recovering for days and days I am finally have my Mojo back and starting to sort out and look forward to the rest of my summer. I have a job to find, a new house to move into, seaside trips away and my birthday all to organise – so I defiantly will not be bored and all on a really really tight budget so I dunno how I am going to get round that one. Oh almost forgot a 2nd year of University to prepare for as well, great. Yes, I forgot to tell you I did manage to pass all my modules (thank god, but not than god as I didn’t wanna go back in the first place, but thanks anyways young chap) so I have to start getting my mind ready, which will take a good few weeks so I better start soon…

All in all it has been a pretty awesome summer so far and I have no doubts the rest of it will be the same.. just as long as this weather in England improves soon. Typical Great Britain ‘ey. Welcome to our country Olympicans!!!