9 ways to battle the boredom

‘I have nothing to do,’ ‘I can’t be bothered,’ are some reasons that lead to boredom, but these are not expectable! There are 1000s of things to do to stay active and be engaged in tasks. For me being bored makes me do silly things like eat all of my fridge contents, stalking past love/lust interests or just having a nap. All these things, may seem small, but can really impact on your mood and get you feeling bad about yourself, which is horrible!

At the moment I have so much time on my hands that I have forced myself to go outdoors and start getting socially involved in the community. Not only I am no longer bored at home, I am outdoors, talking and interacting with people, even if I just say ‘Good morning’ on my morning runs.

So, when you do feel helpless and you find yourself with loads of time on your hands, then here are some ways to invest to make your time, golden.

  • Have a clear out. I love doing this! I hate having items, just for the sake of owning them. So many people are hoarders, and it is a habit to let go of! I bet there are dresses, jumpers and shoes that have been abandoned at the bottom of wardrobes all across the country, and it is time to do something about it! Donate to a friend, give to a charity or even sell your items at car boots sales or on eBay!
  • Spring-cleaning! We have approached the season of spring, so get out your pink marigolds and have a tidy up. A clean home is a happy home.
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  • Any charity will be so grateful for your spare hours on a Sunday, although most will be hung-over, but a bottle of coke will help you through. You also gain some skills to put on your CV, but you are also helping towards the charity’s goals.
  • Join a class or sports team. I know when people mention ‘sports,’ other people’s stomachs wretch at the thought. Learning a new skill, like pottery, or being involved in a class with other people, can really boost your confidence and your mood!
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  • Look through old memories. I have hundreds of photos around my flat and sometimes I like to look through them. Seeing your aunts, grandmothers and uncles, when they are younger, can be inspiring and motivating. It is also funny to look at all their wacky hairdos and fashion sense (sorry guys!)
  • Bake/cook. I am not a genius in the kitchen, but I know I love the smells and warmth cooking brings to a household. The aroma can fill a house with joy and affection. Even using a ready mix is still OK!

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  • Start a blog. For me this is a no brainer. You can create articles and posts which you solely own, how brilliant is that! Plus, you can express how you feel with a few touches of a keyboard.
  • Arrange a get together with your friends. Get out of the house and have a catch-up! Even just to the coffee shop round the corner.
  • Pamper yourself. Even crack open a facemask or paint your nails. This is the perfect time to indulge without any rush.
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  • It’s okay to do nothing. Having a moment, just for you in this busy life, is a miracle, so embrace it!