All I want for Christmas is you, Mum and Dad: Day 18

Dear Dad,

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can’t believe you are 70, you are so old now! I hope you are having a nice day up there. I have had some time away from writing to you both, and I am sorry, but I am in such a good place right now, so here I am.

This week has been amazing, I got a 1st in one of my University assignments (you probably will not know what that means), but it means I got an A. I know if you was here right now you would be so happy and so proud of me, and probably as a treat, we would be going to the shops or out for dinner. Although, that is not happening today, I have been celebrating my success and celebrating double on your behalf. I went to your new house today and it looked beautiful, it really did. Daniel has done such as good job with it all and I’m so happy to see it looked so pretty. I added a few Christmas essentials which I hope you love, just to get in you in the festive spirit, of course!

The move is finally going ahead as well, after so much trouble with the council, I am finally moving out and becoming a proper adult, and I can’t wait. I know if you was here you would be decorating it and be coming around watching TV every night, but I know you aren’t far away. I am so excited to make it my own and prove to myself that I can do it, even if I’m on my own! I hope you are there to guide me and keep me strong as you know I am scared of the dark and don’t like being on my own.

Daniel and myself have been doing really well recently, and you probably have noticed this too. This year has been life changing for the both of us, in a good way, and both of us are more stable and have a better outlook for the future. Things are going well at University and in other aspects of my life and we seem to be getting on like a brother and sister should. I am just so sad that you couldn’t see this with your own eyes, you would be so shocked, but so happy for us.

How is mum? I hope she is well and everything is going smoothly wherever you are. I wish I knew what you are doing each day and where you are, I literally can’t wait to see you both again, although I am hoping it will be a long time away as I am having such a ball.

I wish you was here and celebrating with me, but although you aren’t, I made sure I did really good things and stayed happy today, which was easy as it was my best friend’s birthday after all.

Do you remember when I always used to give you breakfast in bed on your birthday morning, I would go in the garden in bare feet and get a flower to go with it to make it look posh. I loved doing that, and sometimes I think you loved it just as much. You were my king, and always will be. Your birthday was a blessing to me and I always made sure I did the best for you and I stayed with you the whole day. I always remembered the last birthday I celebrated with you, your 65th. I made you a cake which was so thin, it was a disaster really, but you was grateful for it. I did it for you, and for me, your happiness was, and always will be, the jewel of my eye. I would do anything to see that smile again.

To end, thanks for everything. From changing my nappies when I was little, to having the most awkward conversation about becoming a ‘woman’ as Mum wasn’t around, making sure I was happy with my sexuality (yes, he genuinely thought I was a lesbian) and just giving the most amazing hugs and just being there for me when I needed you most.

You were the best Dad and just the most amazing human being that I have ever met and I am so thankful you ended up being my father.

I love you forever, hope you enjoyed your day.

Your Jojo X


All I want for Christmas is you, Mum and Dad: Day five

So yesterday it was the start of the weekend which I know will be hard to get through. Every minute I will be thinking about the final moments I had with my best friend, I mean I did all I could, but I can’t help but think what I could have done to prevent it.. But maybe it was just meant to be at the time. The fact that he won’t be here with me for the rest of my life is a scary thought, I mean it’s been 4 years, and it seems like a lifetime already.

You know what the most saddest thing is about all of this, it doesn’t even feel like I had any parents, as I am so used to being without them. I don’t want to forget their faces, voices and memories, but sometimes I have to really really think about it, which frustrates me as what daughter/son has to do that. I wonder why it has happened to me and why everyone else can be happy and be with their families, which everyone deserves in this world. Sometimes the shock of it is very hard to come to terms with. Then when people talk about mum and dads and what funny things they have done this week or what annoying things they have done. I literally have nothing to say. Although I can say so many things about my memories and other things they did, but that is just it, they did. They no longer do anything and I feel I can’t engage in conversations as I don’t want people to feel awkward and I don’t want to get upset, but I mean, hopefully in time I can, but I mean I really want them to still be here.

Right now my mind is full of thoughts of the last hours I had with my dad. They aren’t really thoughts I like but around this time of year they are in my mind more than ever. I am glad that the last person he saw was me and I’m glad I was with him in his last moments. I won’t ever forget that day for the rest of my life and finding him so cold and so still. I never thought I would see the day.

This weekend seems to be a long one and my coping mechanism is to sleep through it as I don’t want to realise that the day my dad left me is coming at a fast rate. And if that isn’t enough I have my dads birthday and my mums anniversary in the space of two weeks, I am going to be so drained, but knowing that they are close will get me through. I am a fighter.

Until then I think I’ll just have a detox and be with my thoughts. I will look up at the skies and find the brightest stars and think of you and mummy. Sleep well.

All I want for Christmas is you, Mum and Dad: Day three

I wish you was both here. I know it is only going to get tougher in this month, but hearing from people I haven’t heard from in ages was my highlight today. I also went to counselling which was a scary thing for me, I have already put off workshop treatment for about a year now, but I finally feel like I need to go, especially this month. It went well. Of course, it was session one so it isn’t going to work straight away, but I mean anything that will help – I will give it a go. I didn’t speak throughout the session, and I don’t feel like I should have. I was very anxious in going to the counselling in the first place, but the people there were very lovely. I learnt some breathing exercises to cope with my flashbacks and memories and I hope I can put them in to practice this week. Although for a lot of people this doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but because I was so stressed and worried about it, it really did knock everything out of me, I am so exhausted right now. No rest for the wicked though – I have deadlines coming up, so today in my free time I have been doing reading and essay work, so least it didn’t effect me too much.

Here are a few things I miss the most about you both:

  • I miss laughing. I mean proper laughing, without any stress any worries, just in that moment of complete and utter happiness.
  • I miss being a family and having meals around a table and telling each other about our day.
  • I miss going on long car journeys, even to Tesco or to Asda, and getting treated with ice cream or chocolate.
  • I miss being able to ring you any time I want and tell you about my dramas.
  • I miss coming home to you and getting a hug when I come in.
  • I miss when you called me, and I thought it was annoying, but actually it is because you cared so much.
  • I miss when I could ask you for anything without feeling bad about it.
  • I miss treating you on your birthdays and on father and mother’s day.
  • I miss having you there on my birthday and opening presents and cards together.
  • I miss going on holiday and spending hours and hours in the arcade.
  • I miss singing and performing in front of you and you pretending that I’m a superstar.
  • I miss watching boring programmes like Time Team and just mocking it while you watch it.
  • I miss nagging you to play card games with me and monopoly on Christmas morning.
  • I miss coming into your bed on Sunday mornings for breakfast in bed.
  • I miss racing home from school and telling you my latest grades and showing you my work.
  • I miss I could take back everything I did that hurt you.
  • I miss talking about you.
  • I miss your voice.
  • I miss you.

Today has been rough. I love you both x

All I want for Christmas is you, Mum and Dad: Day two

“I feel unhappy. I am so sad. I lost the best friend. That I’ve ever had.” A quote from one of my favourite songs at the moment, Changes, by Ozzy Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne and to me, a fitting quote which sums up how I feel on a day to day basis.

Today seems to be a bit more difficult, I think it is because University work is getting a bit tougher, and therefore I feel more stressed in general. I am trying to keep things together, but I am starting to feel that the cracks are becoming clear. Although, today I did get through the day quite easily, getting motivated this morning was a struggle, but at least I got up and went into University and did something with my day.

I think, realistically, it is going to get harder by the day. I mean I can’t really help that, it is just how it must go. I just want them to be here with me putting up Christmas decorations and just having dinner around a table with them, you know little things, but honestly, these little things really ARE everything. I took advantage of them, for sure, I mean we all do, I still take advantage of things as I am used to how things are, but of course things change. So when that change rocks your world that is when you come crashing back down to Earth and realize how lucky you was and are. You wish you could have done more, seen more, say more and just live more. Of course dwelling and regretting the past gets you no-where in the present, but it is hard not to think about what you could have done and what if you did.

So memory number two of memory lane, is my last every birthday party with both my mum and dad. I was hitting the the big 1-3, and my parents decided to hire out a hall for me and some friends with a DJ, and believe me this was so cool for a 12 year old at the time. I had all my friends there and had a really good night. Although my mum was ill she stayed as long as she could with me, although it wasn’t the whole night, it was great that she was there at all. Although that was nearly 8 years ago it probably was my favourite memory of my life which I will treasure forever. She dressed me up in all white, an outfit which she helped me pick and brought for me. There are so many photos from that night of everyone having fun and dancing the killer tunes from S Club 7 and Blue.

Although I know it did happen, sometimes it doesn’t feel real as it seems so long ago, but in no time at all the photos remind me of that amazing night, which I will never forget.

I miss you Mum, thank you for everything and being there for me for 13 years and preparing me for being an adult. You are my star, the brightest their is in the sky.

I wish I could have had more time with you. I am so jealous of everyone who gets to sit down at night at talk to their mum on the phone about the latest gossip in their life, I wish I could do that too. I just want you home where you belong and be a family again. I would do anything to see you again, just for one minute. I do not want to look at photos any more, I want to make more memories with you and share more amazing and fun moments together. Don’t get me wrong I am lucky that you was even a part of my life. I had such an incredible angel by side, and what makes it great, is that I called you Mum.

As you may know already, I am doing 25 posts up to Christmas day, in order to distract myself that I am in the most horrible month, as both my mum and dad passed away during December (click the links if you want to read more about it.)  I kicked off yesterday, with my first blog!

All I want for Christmas is you, Mum and Dad

From yesterday’s blog, I told you that December is a hard month for me and I was thinking today and last night that instead of it affecting me I would embrace it. So for the next 25 days until Christmas day I will be sharing some thoughts and some of my favourite memories of my Mum and Dad, so it feels like they are still here with me.

So here are a list of things which made today successful:

  • I had my first proper exam of final year at University, and it went really well. Despite the fact that it’s now December, I remained positive and I stayed calm and did the best that I could have done.
  • Sleep is definitely not for the weak. I felt so refreshed this morning and it really makes a difference to my day. I am still up and productive and it is nearly midnight.
  • My essay is due two weeks today and instead of worrying about and putting it off for another day I decided to make a start to it and although it’s not a crisp and final draft, I have nearly 1,000 words.
  • Plans for the new move in January are in motion, so hopefully a moving date will be on the cards soon.

So today marks the countdown to the first anniversary on the calendar, which is my Dad’s anniversary. So to honour him I will share one of my favourite memories that I shared with him, which is difficult as there have been so many!

daddy one

I remember when this photo was taken. It was in the back garden at my old house and I think I just got a new phone so I was taking photos of us together. After I lost my mum, I literally took photos whenever I could – even if it was stupid ones of him watching television. This photo literally sums up him and our relationship. We were so close and we would be silly together, yes he was my Dad, but he literally was my best friend. He never used to smile in photographs, he always used to pull faces, just like this one. When I did get a smile out of him, it was a rare occurrence. One of my favourite memories with him was on his last father’s day we shared together. I cooked him dinner and I got him the biggest card I have ever brought anyone and he loved it. I baked him a cake that turned out to be a disaster, but he still ate it. I think it was my favourite as it was the last father’s day I celebrated with him. For me, the hardest thing is that I only have photos to look at. No more memories will be shared. I think on important days and special occasions it is a hundred times more difficult as I want him to celebrate with me and see his reactions to my achievements. Although he is not here he guides me through each day and I am grateful that he’s my Dad.

A letter to my angels: Mum and Dad

Only one day to go until December starts, and for many, this is a time of year where everyone is rushing around to get last minute presents and spending quality time with loved ones, and that goes for me as well, but no matter how many people I have around me and what exciting things I get up to in the festive period, there is still a big part of me missing..

I’m not sure if each December gets easier, or just comes round too quickly, but I know as soon as it does come, it will be a struggle to get through the 31 days. Of course, it is infectious when I see children smiling and excited to see what Santa has given them and I do enjoy seeing people happy, but there always is a part of me that wishes I can join them and be happy.

This is the 5th Christmas I will have without any parents and sometimes I have to process it in my mind in order to realise that this is my life. I’ll be honest with you all, most of the time it does not seem real, which is probably why I get through each day without any trouble at all. Of course, I am not a robot, and I do have feelings, so sometimes I will crash to the ground and it is hard to get back up, but somehow and somewhere deep inside I find the strength to get on with things. The saddest thing for me is that this has become my life, I mean I can’t hide from it, I have to embrace it. So in theory as I am so used to it, sometimes I block it out and numbness kicks in..

I look upon this life event as one of the most hardest but also the most life-changing event of my life, and I mean that in a positive way. I have become stronger, I have learnt to forgive and not hold grudges, I have learnt to reflect and learn from things, I try and fill my brain with kindness and good thoughts and see the best in things and people. Most importantly I remain positive.

If you asked me four years ago what I would be doing, I wouldn’t know. I was lost, confused and lonely. I had no optimism for the future and not having any parents to guide me, I mean, where would I start? And now, I look at myself. Although there have been down times, exhausting times, stressful times and sad times, there have also been brilliant, amazing, surreal and happy times. At 17 I moved house and started to become an adult. I have gone back to University and I have loved it. I have had breakthroughs in my Journalism career and on top of that, I still have many good people around me which fill with me love and motivation. So in fairness, life is great.

I would like to highlight though, that ANYONE can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it. I know this too well. Before all this happened I had an amazing life I had two well parents, a dog and I was living together with my family. I had no worries, I had money which I could spend on anything and not on bills and I felt secure and stable. The one worry that I did have was if anything happened to my parents, which is normal, and I thought it something happened I wouldn’t survive. Now, it has been 8 years since I saw my mum and 4 years since I saw my dad, and I am still here, smiling. Sometimes you shock yourself on how much you can deal with and how well you are at dealing with difficult situations.

Next year I have Graduation, which will be a bitter-sweet time, and I am moving in January, which I can’t WAIT for. Although it will still be a rocky road and I’m not saying that things are 100% amazing, because they will never be.Over the years I have developed as a person and although I have been thrown into the deep end and have experienced things and seen things that most people I know haven’t even been close to, I would not change my life for the world. I am a strong believer that “what ever happens, happens for a reason” which I still believe until this day. If you believe you can do something, you can. Don’t listen to anyone’s negativity and do what makes you happy and successful. Yes, you may have to leave some people behind, but who cares, you are probably better off without them.The more you become yourself and become independent, the more you realise that you truly can succeed.

Because of this life event, I know nothing that life throws at me will break me. 

I know you are proud of me and are guiding me, so I thank you for supporting me. I love you.

P.S: If you want to read more about this life event I wrote two of the hardest blogs last year about the events that happened on the 22nd December 2006 and the 8th December 2010. 

10 things to do when interviewing your celebrity crush

There is always someone in the media that you think is attractive and most people just leave it as that, but some take it to the extreme and devote their life knowing everything they need to know about them and dedicate hours and hours watching Youtube videos instead of revising. Totally not me.

So when I realised that McBusted were coming to town this week I leaped at the chance to write an article for my student paper. When I realised I would be interviewing Matt Willis for my student paper, I couldn’t help dreaming about him being my best friend and shopping in Primark together and sharing a happy meal on a beach.

I tried to keep cool when I was speaking to him, but at the back of my mind I was screaming and I wanted to propose to him on the phone.. sadly I didn’t. I was so happy that he was down to earth and funny. He made me realise that I didn’t waste my teenage years dancing around my room to the Year 3000 and kissing posters of him every five minutes. (half true)

Here are 10 things that I have learnt and will take with me when I do my next interview with my top bae, Zac Efron.

10) Do not cry and go cray cray. So there were many moments that I could have rambled on about how much this moment meant to me, but I just got on with it. At the end of the day when it comes down to it they want to marry a sane normal person not a girl who crys down the phone. Remember that!

9) Tell them who you are. I was so caught up about asking him about his day and his time massaging horny old women in a salon that I completely forgot to tell him who I was and what my purpose was. He definitely trusted me too much.

8) Be clear. “His name is Joanna.” So for some reason he thought I was a man, don’t know why, but he did. So be confident and clear and show them whose boss… boys love that. Or do what I did and just laugh.

7) Do not slag off /girlfriends/wifes/side chicks. Although you are not sleeping by their side each night, doesn’t make it right to be rude about their other halves. No one likes a jealous bitch.

6) Kill them with kindness. Make sure you tell them you are a fan. They like the fact that you are interested in them and not just some journalist who has no interest in them and can’t spell their name right. Although I do think I made the right decision by not telling him my e-mail is still busted_fan0005…

5) Don’t tell them your life story. Yes you see them on the TV, but they are still a stranger. Don’t tell them where you live or about your boyfriend’s small penis, they don’t want to know. Saying that..

4).. Do give them your Twitter.. or phone number. I would go with the first. I am a bit upset I didn’t give him my Twitter to follow me, but he did manage to find my article and re-tweet it. So I’m well in there..

3) Do not daydream. If you want to share your thoughts tell them, make sure you pay attention to what they say and that you have good responses and not just “Hmm.” “Yeah.” “Cool.”

2) Flirt. I’m not very good at this, so after 20 minutes talking I then said “Oh so I’m coming to see you at the tour next year, will I see you there?” Poor attempt. I’ll go back to the drawing board..

1) Laugh and enjoy it. I mean just treat them like one of your mates… just make sure you breath.

5 reasons why you should start blogging.

Because I love to blog I want you lot to as well (if you haven’t already) here are a few reasons why blogging is great and you should start soon.

ONE) If you are not popular or do not get on with normal life, you can be whoever you want on this… I am not saying be rude or whatever, but it will give you some confidence in order to realise you are incredible and good in life. Along with that you can actually make your life interesting by making up some events like you just had a threesome or maybe your dad is Simon Cowell, anything. It will be entertaining and an instant love.

TWO) You can develop your keyboard skills. We all have to face it we are all going to turn into keyboards one day. The computers are taking over and to be prepared we might as well learn how to work a keyboard in order to battle against in the near future. Also our fingers are getting toned and gaining muscles, great in thumb wars.

THREE) It is a good excuse when your parents come up to you and go “all you do is sit on that computer and do nothing all day'” you can reply and say “actually I am changing the world with my opinions”. They will be so proud of you that they will start blogging as well and you will be the best offspring ever, all siblings will be jealous.

FOUR) Because Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and all the rest of the social sites are crap. They always have been, but now people have realised it for sure because people they call ‘friends’ are boring and chat about how they have had a BANGING NANDOS or statuses of wisdoms which were from a cornflake packet. Just forget all them wastemans and come join the brighter and smarter side with all the other bloggers.. besides you do not have to use ‘#s’ every time to say something. #stupidhashtags

FIVE) You can talk as much as you want without getting moaned at, unfollowed or unfriended. We promote talking nonsense on here and as much as you want as well. You can talk and talk about a bit of dust that is annoying you on your finger and people will like it and be amazed. You are free to do whatever you like, however you like. You no longer have to live in fear and be careful of how many statuses you update.

Shop-a-lot – H&M: Tops of the pops.

Hey guys, me again, decided to come back to the keyboard and start writing my life away. Before I start just wanna say a litle thank-you to everyone who has been reading and followed my blog, if you haven’t then, WHY HAVEN’T YOU – DO IT NOW! :)

To start of this feature… I will be looking at H&M, as it is my favourite shop. If you haven’t heard of this amazing shop then please google it and you will be mesmerised by the lovely clothes and of course the amazing price tag. To be honest, my wardrobe is a little boutique of H&M – I adore it. So obviously I will be showing what they have to offer this season and of course for the amazing spring period.


Images are from H&

1) This top is very neutral and not too tight, so no worries about showing on a stomach which is being worked on this 2013. My favourite print is leopard and this is always in fashion. The pattern is not too bold, but is enough to stand out amongst the crowds. It is comfortable and light for that warm breeze. 2) You can not go wrong with this top. It is adorable and the lace pattern is nice and girly. The colour adds freshness and the sun will reflect on the top and make it dazzling. Although just be careful it is white, so be careful with stains (thank god for Vanish.) 3) Everyone needs a jumper, although we are moving away from nights in with hot chocolates and the fire on, we have to realise it is still freckin’ cold outside. This jumper is thick enough to keep you warm and adds a hint of vintage to the outfit. The stripes on the front does make this jumper elegant and smart. 4) Stripes are in. Stripes are a simple and genius way to hide curves and bumps which you do not like to show. These black and white stripes are retro and stylish, can be worn to any occasion. 5) Just looking at this top I feel warm and look forward to the summer. The see-through pattern allows you to show off your best assets and stay cool. The tassels dropping from the top gives the top a all-round beach look. 6) Just like the previous top, this top also excites me for summer. The bold colour I have chosen is not for everyone, but do not worry it does come in white and black too. The pink, I thought, adds colour to any outfit and of course you will stand out for miles. The tie-up at the bottom allows you to tighten it to whatever suits you best. A lovely feature. 7) This cardigan is a bargain. It is essential to have over the season and also comes in a variety of colours. This grey colour is safe to go with any clothing you wear. It is not restricting and can be buttoned-up to make sure you are wrapped up fully. 8) Spring time is when the blouses come out. This is perfect for them summer days, chill-out days or just lazy days. This pastel colour is not too strong and the drop is perfect for them river strolls. The high neck line also adds maturity and class to any outfit. 9) Last, but not least. This shirt is so beautiful. The detailed studs across the top makes it look very expensive, and you only pay a fraction of the price. You can certainly wear it when going out with friends and to dinner.

If this hasn’t persuaded you, then look at their website:, and I bet you will not be leaving your sofa for hours – the clothes are to die for.



12 days of Christmas : Pastel V Gothic

This season I am bringing you my favourite and must have clothing for this season, with a hint of colour and difference. Yesterday, it was casual clothing with a hint of colour. The yellow from the jeans and the orange from the scarf, which I posted yesterday, compliment each other, brightening up any winter morning, afternoon and evening. Along with the ear-muffs it gives the outfit a hint of winter without feeling so cold. If you have not looked at yesterday’s outfit then feel free, just scroll down and you will see it (let me know what you think though)!

Enough of yesterday.. on to today’s topic: Pastel V Gothic. Everyone who reads Vogue, Vanity Fair and my favourite, COSMO, have noticed the trend of pastel. The lovely faded colours of pink, green and yellow are perfect for people who like colours, but do want to stand out too much. The pastel palette definitely can make any person feel confident and sexy and give a dose of youth to any woman’s complexion, without needing any needles. It always reminds me of crayons which I used to draw with when I was younger, love the nostalgia. Who does not want to wear crayons and be a kid again.. BECAUSE I SURE DO!

The other trend at the moment is the Gothic look, which features dark colours such as blood red and black. I completely agree with people who choose to wear these dark colours, including plums and purples, this season. Black and reds are the best colour mix I can think of because everyone can wear them and look fantastic, that is why everyone has a little black number they wear on a night out, right? IT IS A MUST! I think the deep black against the red also radiates the Gothic look, although known for years, it always looks sophisticated with a capital ‘s’.

Enough of me rambling on about my loves, it is time to show you my take on the two trends, which I would love to buy and I hope you will as well, but with lack of funds I can not *cries*… I guess I have to wait until January sales (counting down the days already)!

The Gothic Glam Girl:

This outfit has everything which is HOT HOT HOT at the moment, it will definitely not leave you in the cold. The velvet plum top compliments the leather skirt, giving it a hint of vintage. The sleeveless top is perfect for dancing the night away as well as the platform lace boots which look comfortable to dance any macarena. The little flares on the top are a must when you are shaking your booty, to make you feel like a princess with swivels but for a fraction of the price – and you can not get any better than that. La piece de résistance : the aztec tights. I would literally die for them, look at them. Aztec was definitely a hit in the summer, who says it can not be in the winter. The pattern reminds me of music festivals and tie-die tshirts, literally living la vida loca aka student life.

Altogether I believe this outfit is perfect for anyone, although the skirt is a little bit, maybe a lot, up the leg I believe the tights make the outfit modest and gorgeous without looking like a slut pushing out all the wrong assets. Lovely.

Palette of Pastel paradise:


Again I am biased, I would definitely wear this outfit. I am a tomboy girl (which is a girl who tends to like and share an interest in boylike things) so when I put this outfit together I instantly said this is for the prep/sporty girl. Although it is a prep-style outfit, it still has the girly elements, and so it should do! Secretly no girl hates pink, it is in our bones, it makes us look innocent, lovely and cute (of course we are all those things even if we do not wear pink). The colour block from the contrasting green allows you to say ‘au revoir’ to your lumps and bumps and hello to a shape which any mathematician would like to play with. H&M have a lovely range of shirts; they are cheap and also very durable. In particular this one can be worn in all seasons, making you look healthy and bright no matter what time of year, even in the dark. The shirt is optional, but I do think the jumper/shirt combination looks so smart and so stylish that everyone will take you more seriously, even your boss – result. I finished the outfit with a floral bag, hi-top shops and knee high socks. The backpack is not only useful to fill it with shoes, bags, dresses and all the other essentials on your 8 hour shopping binge, but also gives the outfit a little more character. The knee-high socks and the trainers is another A* combination that I love. The neutral colours on the shoes and socks allows them not to clash with any other item and leaves you a very cool mama without breaking a sweat, which to be honest in winter is very hard to do anyway.

Images courtesy of,,, and