Jo’s Journey : Tenerife

Last September I went on a girly holiday for a ten days to the lovely canary Islands. It came at the perfect time to relax on a beach with a few sex on the beaches to hand and pretend to be another nationality, other than english.

We stayed in Los Cristianos which is close to the famous playa de las americas(the clubbing bit, if you didn’t know.) Before this I have not been out of the country for years, and the scenery of red buses and seeing the Queen’s head on everything got very boring, so I was dying to get on the plane out of here.

Of course, I have been on holidays with a group of girls, so much hormones in the air it can cause murder, and the ones with my friends to the party islands, where you stay in a hostel  which is not even adequate for a rat and come back each night drunk on some acid-vodkay type drink, oh the memories! But this hoilday was different, this was with one other girlfriend, the certain test for a friendship I reckon!

The whole holiday in general was a blast, and for the friendship between me and my friend, well I think it was better than ever, definitely after I take a bullet for her and occupied her holiday romance’s less, let’s say, picturesque, while she had the time of her life. You just can’t have this experience anywhere else!

The island itself is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen somewhere so clean, and not because I am from London and all I see is Mcdonald’s wrappers and bird poo EVERYWHERE, but because it was spotless and I like that a lot.

My favourite thing I did whilst in Tenerife is go up Mount Tiede (Pico del Tiede in Spanish). I love heights and seeing things from above and this didn’t let me down. We travelled for hours to get 10,000ft above sea level, which was the furthest we could get to without dying. If you haven’t been up a volcano, well it is pretty hard to do in the UK, where have you been? You will be amazed! We was at the highest peak for about 30 minutes and the photos I got are some of the best I took in 10 day period.

I know you aren’t conventionally allowed a second favourite thing, as it defeats the purpose of favourite, but I’m gonna throw another one in.

I am a big kid at heart and knowing that one of the best and biggest water parks in the Europe was a short journey away from our town, me and my friend jumped at the chance to go! Siam Park is in Santa Cruz and there are bus links to it across the Island. It is about £25 to get in and you will have fun all day! There are so many slides with different speeds and heights. The main attraction was The Tower of Power. It was massive, and for a water slide, without any seat belts, it would make the bravest man, cry. My friend refused to go on it, so I had to take one for the team and I started queuing. Each step I climbed I wanted to turn back down, but knowing there were 10 year olds in front of me, I couldn’t let them think that of me. I did make it out alive, and it was amazing! I probably wouldn’t go on it again as I nearly died, but it is definitely a thrill!

All in all tenerife is such a beautiful island and has loads to offer for adults, kids and couples (which we saw a lot of there.) The people there were so friendly and attempted to speak English, although at times awful, it was nice to see they tried.





10 reasons why Eastenders IS MY LIFE

So every Wednesday when EastEnders is not on, my heart breaks inside. So when there is an hour episode one week, my heart literally rejoices. Although there are some characters who I wish would die already in a stereotypically sad Christmas day episode, I can honestly say that I probably would fit right in running the café or the Laundrette with Dot.

Here is my 10 reasons why I LOVE EastEnders, and why people should convert to it…

1) The theme tune and opening credits. There is nothing more joyous to my ears than when I hear the EastEnders theme tune. It is full of life and it is such a emotional piece. I love the camera angle rotating and zooming out on The Thames.. although it makes me dizzy. Every time I hear it I literally run to the television as I don’t want to miss a second. Proud to be a Londoner.

2) The extras. We all know that Tracey is behind the bar and Winston hovers around in the market. We all pray that one day their talents will pay off and they will get promoted to run the Queen Vic, but that day hasn’t come yet.. When they do get featured or say a few lines it is the best day ever! Go on babes you can do it! So proud of them.

3) Their lives are shitter than mine. It really makes me happy when they are having a bad day. The drama and commotion they all have over that sexy pants Phil Mitchell is just over the top.. Phil, mate. Have you seen Shirley lately? Complete dog. Woof.

4) Christmas specials. I don’t care about The Queen’s speech, and let’s be honest, who does. Christmas in Walford is a time of love, romance, and often death. I don’t think they ever have a good Christmas.. someone always dies on the square. Best one was when STACE and Ginger Max got found out.. cheeky.


5) Bringing back old characters. When Kat and Alfie left it was so shit. When they ‘killed’ off Dirty Den it was shit. But they brought all three of them back, unfortunately Dirty Den was being a dirty animal on webcam so he got sacked from the show. Diddums.

6) Walford. I know it’s a set and is a made up town that has a café, train station, and houses, I do wish sometimes I could get on the district line and go to Walford tube station and live there.. preferably in the Queen Vic.

7) Sex appeal. I mean there is bundles of sexy actors who have been on there or still are in the show; Dennis Rickman, Alfie Moon, Dean Carter, Peter Beale, Patrick Trueman, Wellard the Dog, not forgetting, Dot Cotton.


8) The live episodes. Without Jack Branning forgetting his lines and Max Branning forcing fingers down his throat trying to be sick LIVE on TV.. it is very emotional and a key moment in history. Seeing Walford LIVE as it happens is literally a moment I will never forget.

9) All the other soaps are shite. I don’t think Doctors are fun, I can’t understand Corrie’s accents and Emmerdale is in the middle of nowhere… Case dismissed.

10) Danny Dyer trying to be a family man. His banter is just too much, but I get scared that one day he is going to go crazy and nut someone..

Savvy Sales for NYE

Yes, it is fast approaching, but you still have time to go down to the shops to get something to go into the new year looking glamorous.  Today, I am looking through sales items from River Island to TopShop to Dorothy Perkins. In all honestly sales are pretty decent this year.

My mission, which I chose to accept, was to find an outfit under £20 for the big night out, whether you are chilling round your friends, going out to a club or even (like me) braving the cold and watching the fireworks in London by the Thames. The boxing day and post-Christmas sales have helped me tackle this task without any hiccups.

So without further chit-crap, bring on the outfits!

Outfit 1: Murder on the dance floor


Total cost : £19.50 (change 50p).

As it is a glitz and glam time of year, the gold coloured skirt is suited. It is shiny and will go with any firework you watch this New Year’s Eve. The ‘mini’ style skirt will also show your pins and keep you cool all through the night. H&M shoe sale is probably the best thing ever, heels are as cheap as £5 and boots and wedges are going for £10! OMG! I love it. These heels are plain with a little sparkle on the toes which goes well with the shiny gold. Some people find red a scary colour to wear, but this red I reckon is just the right shade. It will bring colour to the outfit and goes well with the neutral colours within the outfit, also it is a good way for your friends to find you if you get lost – just look for the moving tomato (joking)! The earings were just a nice way to finish the outside, they are simple but will add a lovely statement to the outfit, and you can’t complain – at only 50p (cheaper than a chocolate bar!)

Outfit 2: Skull Candy


Total cost: £20  (No change. Sorry, but you try finding an outfit under £20.)

Out of the three, this is my fav. Firstly, I love the pink shoes – being a typical girl, love anything pink and at £5 I am literally singing with the angels. The pink goes well with the dress that is filled with colour. I love bodycon dresses and especially this peplum style. Which will make people sing ‘Hey sexy lady, woop woop woop woop, oppa peplum style’. I love how it makes the dress more voluminous and hides any curves that you do not like – hallelujah. I like floral designs as it always reminds me of summer and just looking at it makes me warm, although it is winter. The tights are a practical and cheap way to stay warm and without showing off your bum cheeks, pants or even worse… your lady garden (which no florals would like to see). The skull ring just adds a little glamour and makes your hands look nicer along with any nail polish you might, I mean should, be wearing! Plus, look at the savings.. how many cocktails you could have with that. Vida loca!

Outfit 3: Moonlight at Midnight


Total cost: £19 (£1, 99 Flake time)

For people who do not like colour and just like the normal black and dark number, this is perfect for you, and has the most savings out of the three outfits. The dip hem skirts looks beautiful on any figure and the drop hides any thighs and stomachs you do not like. It also makes the outfit look elegant and allows you to feel comfortable without having to pull down your skirt every two minutes as it is going up your crack and never returning. The gold shade it just glamorous and is the best colour for them proper celebrations into the new year. The black studded top will look great tucked under the skirt and look like a complete dress. It is modest, but can reveal a little boobage, but who does not like boobage! A wonderful thing. The studs complements the gold shade of the skirt and the detail just makes it more than just another-boring-black-top-that-does-nothing-for-you. Amen. Girls, go to Office, either in store or on-line. On-line is better as it has more exclusives which you will not find in stores, the sales are astonishing. For example these shoes, you are saving £23! You can buy another pair of shoes with that, or maybe two, with these sales! Definitely worth taking a look, right? Being wedges they are comfortable to wear through the night, and trust me it will be a long one, and the strap will give your foot the support and will keep you motivated to not take them off till you reach your house, but lets face it you probably will not be in the state to bend down and unstrap them anyways, so not to worry!

So that is a grand total of £130.44!!!!!! Amazing sales this year, so definitely head down to them before it is too late!

For now it is a goodbye from me until the New Year, I hope it brings you everything you want along with some happiness and more sales!

Jojo X

MUA Makeup Review

So I decided to update my make-up bag, because until a few days ago it was dull and it needed a change. I like to explore new companies and also the classics such as Maybelline, MaXfactor and Collection 2000. I like to grab myself a bargain so when I was in Superdrug I was on the look at for deals. As I strolled to the end of the make-up line I saw a little section of ‘MUA’. I have heard of this brand, but personally have never brought anything from there. I have a MUA mascara which is probably one of the best mascaras I have ever had, perfect shaped lashes and without any clumps. So with this in mind I jumped at the chance to look at their collection.

On a glance they do not have a wide and original collection like some of the bigger brands have, but they have the every day products which women need everyday, which I believe is more important.. and on a plus it is REALLY cheap. I brought three products: an eye liner, a palette of three eye-shadows and a blusher. In my mind the perfect trio to make yourself prettier. Guess what? It only cost me £4.50!!! Yes, that is not a mistake, £4.50!! I was so chuffed that I managed to buy myself some chocolate Santas and chocolate coins.


My little MUA family




MUA Pencil eye-liner, £1, from Superdrug stores


I love eye-liner products, I love liquid eye-liners and I love pencils eye-liners  I know there are a lot of brilliant pencils out there from Gosh, for example, but again for a £1 I wanted to be adventurous and so I brought the one from MUA. It is vital that the pencil stays on your eyelid and does not smudge under your eyes as you will look like an idiot and we do not want that. I am wearing it at the moment and it looks thick and full of colour, as I know some pencils can fade easily as it rubs against your eyeball (love that word btw) and become a fail.

To top it off, just wait – you will not believe this, because I certainly did not, there is a sharpener in the lid.. did you hear me? A SHARPENER IN THE LID. Whoever invented that is a genius. I mean you do not need to buy a sharpener and this can sharpen your eyebrow pencil and all your other pencils – maybe not your colouring pencils, do not think that would be a good idea. It is not blunt either so I have sharpened all of my products which I can sharpen and now I have a make-up bag full of sharp things, so do not p*ss me off – I am warning you (joking..obviously, I am nice.)

To conclude, this product is amazing.

Score 9/10


MUA Blusher, £1, from Superdrug stores


As I am quite pale I need a bright pink to settle on it. There are also darker shades that you can choose from. As you can see it is a small sample of blusher, but 1) What can you expect for a £1? and 2) You can take it anywhere and it saves so much space! – Result, if you ask me. I have noticed as well that when you drop blushers on the floor it can create cracks in the product and this leads to disaster when you open the item as it goes EVERYWHERE! but I have dropped this already down the sink and on floors and I see no cracks, yes. So for the accident-prone in all of us (like myself) this is good to us, so be as accident-prone as you want, but only around the blusher.

To complete the combination, please use a BRUSH! They are necessary for a even coverage and it takes less time to apply rather than rubbing it in with your fingers, which leaves your fingertips pink and creates a weird shape on your cheeks. The brush avoids both of these and follows the shape of your cheekbone to create a circle of blush. Plus, they are cheap. I got mine for £1.99 from Superdrug. If you want to look classy and ‘rich’ then the BarryM blusher brush is only £2.99 and it is green! Ooooh.

Score 8/10


MUA Trio of eye-shadows, £2.50, from Superdrug stores


I needed a new eye-shadow, but three was just a bonus. I chose natural shades as I do not like overpowering eyes as it looks ridiculous. Like who wants to have bright purple eye-shadow mixed with green? For those who do, I am sorry for being rude, bet it looks…nice. I normally like to use two shades on my eyes, one light and one dark. It also comes with a brush with two ends, one to apply and one for shading. As the eye-shadows are moulded circularly it is hard to get the powder on your brush so you do have to apply a bit of pressure. I would prefer to use another eye-shadow brush with bristles on the end so the eye-shadow can cover each bristle in turn.

The ending result is a bit of a let down. It does not stick to your skin, so even when you apply it a billion times it stays the same shade on your eyelids, so I am a little disappointed. Applying the darker shade to the end of my lids did make the orangey colour stand out more, so I was a little happier. On a bigger plus it does not fade on the eyelids and it does create a natural look which blends in to whatever skin shade you are.

Score 6 and a half / 10

Quintuple Neutral : The Safe Shade

Sorry for the delay in posts, just been a bit lazy – but I made sure this outfit would be better than the other ones and would please a lot more people than the other outfits I posted.

I understand that most girls in particular like the ‘au naturel’ look, and I do love it too, what better way to show off than wearing plain and simple clothing and looking a million bucks, definitely prefer that look rather than a big fat rainbow sandwich in your face with all the trimmings – do not get me wrong, I love the sandwiches just not of the rainbow kind. That is why this week I have decided to put an outfit together which is girly, lovely and also not going to give you starry eyes. I have also matched it with some accessories which are ideal for this time of year in order to remain miles and miles away from a cold.


I am a little obsessed with Pull and Bear at the moment, so just under half of this outfit is made up from their products. Although the items are a little on the expensive side, they look beautiful and are clearly good quality. The detailed dress is not too suffocating and allows you to move freely as well as dangling off your hips it will make your figure look great. The colour as well as the embroidery on the dress adds a sense of class to the outfit as a whole. With this dress you can either wear it with tights or leggings and can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion you are going out too; shopping, night out or a dinner this dress can be worn whenever.

For me personally, a dress NEEDS to be put with a pair of heels. I mean it is a girl code. You would not have toast without butter, now, would you? For all you cheeky buggers who said ‘yeah’ then seriously you are weird, toast NEEDS butter – so sort it out… back to the shoes. They are gorgeous and the dark colour contrasting to the light shaded dress is perfect and the heel along with the drop of the dress will make your pins longer which is GO-GO-GOLDEN. The tights are just a nice touch to go with the neutral theme and they are cheap(ish) and will keep them goosebumps away.

I like white big-faced watches. I think they look cool and also a little vintage-like. It also gives a bit of glitz to the outfit, if you are not the type to load your whole jewellery box on your body, do not worry you are not missing out, it is not a good look. Also, the best thing you always know what the time is – so no more being late for things (who am I kidding, I am a girl, I am late for everything).

Leaving the best ’till last : to Republic now. The product is from one of my favourite stores, Republic. Lucky enough for me I have an outlet near me (not because it is a shit area) but because they knew I was there and wanted to treat me, get it? It has the nicest clothes, hence why I have to include their garments in my blogs. The cardigan is so buff, probably my favourite in this arrangement. There is nothing like a big cuddly cardigan to wrap yourself in and then revealing a stunning little number (the biege dress) underneath. Although the colour is light, but it is enough to make the outfit stand out and links all of the items together to make it complete. Yes, it has a cross on the back, and no you do not have to religious to wear it, but I thin this crucifix makes this particular garment unique. Even if you do not like the cross, it does no matter, the cardigan is buff. Besides if you have long hair you can cover it easily, if you have short hair – then just get some extensions.

we’re all going on a summer holiday

Hiya guys! Hope you are all well! :) I have had a packet of fruit pastilles and I am ready to type. 

Sorry for my little absence, been washing way too much clothes and eating the rest over of my birthday cake and now I can officially say I am used to being 19.. kind of, well what I mean is, is that I have finally brought myself round to actually saying the words: “I am 19.”

So today’s topic of conversation is BRITISH HOILDAYS! Just because I am going for a little getaway tomorrow till Thursday, and I can’t wait. I am more excited for these two days away than I was for Zante, and that was a HOT Greek Island.. although British is getting hot hot hot over the past week or so, so that be great. I am going to a little town called Great Yarmouth, which is to the South-East of Britain and I was born there.

(Great Yarmouth is on the Eastern edge of the ‘Eastern England’ section of the map for all you overseas people)

Every year since I can remember I have always been there on hoilday no matter what, mostly with family, but due to issues other the years that hasn’t been possible, but now the time has come to go back there again! I can’t wait to feel like the kid I was and just have no worries and sit by the sea for hours and hours and watch the sun go down and play for hours and hours in the arcades loosing so much money, but I didn’t care I had such a blast! I will get this lovely feeling again including all the memories that I had flooding back to me and it is all thanks to one amazing guy called Matt. I am so grateful and by far it is the best and perfect birthday present which I could ever ever ask for. There I  will be in my own little world and just have such a good time without caring if people think I am weird by going on the monkey-bars or just acting like an idiot with sand in my hair.


Really don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight, but I better start now – in this heat it will probably take me a few hours just to get settled.

So excited, I’ll keep you posted.

Jo X



PBD : Post-birthday depression

You got them mid-week blues? Hang on in there is only two days to go until the weekend, wooo :)

So yesterday was my birthday, and I was 19. It is a shit age, you can basically do the same thing that you did when you was 18, expect this time round you are less excited for it and have less money in the process. Yes, alcohol does that to you. Good times. For people who are underage and are waiting to be 18 to drink and stuff, please stop being excited coz it is a waste of time and money. You literally get smashed too much where you are hugging the toilet and throwing up your guts in the toilet, although it was a funny process and you got a lot of banter with your friends it is seriously not worth it, but although I say all this I will never ever ever ever stop having my goregous Vodka, which I will have again tonight. Yes, pub times again with my friends what more can I ask for to make me happy after suffering from PBD from yesterday.

Yesterday it was my birthday and I had a really good day. It did start off with a date from the carpetman and he got me a present of a new carpet and I only just met him, was great. So now my bedroom is finished, minus the furniture. I then decided to have a productive day by going to shops and fixing certain things of mine, starting with my laptop and then my headphones.  I then ended up in Kingston with a starbucks, delicious! I spent a few hours with my friend and chatted about a gold postbox near her house in honor of Mo Farah. Yes, the Momister lives near us, good times.

I then spent the evening with my mum and dad, which was lovely to see them for a little bit. I gave them some flowers, one with a red rose and one with a pink. They both look beautiful now. I then returned home to have three of my favourite people round to visit me, Patel, Michelle and Matt. It was lovely to see them. Michelle and Patel left and I got to spend the night with my amazing boyfriend. He brought me a caterpiller cake and sung me happy birthday on his own, was cutest thing and we had pizza, the best combination ever.

Overall it was such a perfect day and I couldn’t ask for anything more, thanks to everyone who made it special!

Happy 19th Birthday to me!  Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray and one for luck, hip hip hooray.

and i think to myself what a wonderful world

What’s popping everyone :) hope you are all well, coz I certainly am!

So two weeks have literally flown by and a lot has happened during these past 14 days, the main thing is that I am no longer unemployed for sure and I have the perfect job ever, it is working on a boat behind a bar. It literally is amazing! Free boat trips, surrounded  by alcohol and food and being with lovely people – what more could I ask for!!

So yeah, I have currently done 3 shifts and worked on two boats which are beautiful and got some more shifts coming up! Can’t wait, I literally love work! The best part is that I am rich. KERCHING! ££££ .. well richer than before anyways.

Another amazing thing in my life is that I am finished first year University, but not. I have no more classes or lectures, but I have essays to do for Monday. I would have finished last Monday but I got so behind with all the work I had to get an extension.. After several panic attacks and long hours at the computer I only have 1,500 words to go, which really isn’t a lot. I handed in my last piece for french today and I felt literally amazing when I did that, the sun came out as well… it was perfect.

Come to think about it this has been a very very eventful last few weeks, here are s0me of the other highlights:

  • Got my laptop taken by that evil cow and then got given it back to me.
  • Found £10 in a machine at waterloo station (RESULT)
  • My Mathieu, matthew in french ;), won his second boxing fight in a row. MY BWOI <3
  • Took avantage of cocktail deals A LOT
  • Met some Polish people on my bus, gave me alcohol and then one of them passed out so I called an ambulance. Typical.
  • Had chinese outside a flat in Clapham, got most of it on the floor
  • Got given a free travelcard, the man clearly fancied me and my leopard print leggings
  • Spilt hot chocolate over the computer at uni and my books, oh and me of course. Great.
  • Tried to book Paris in May and failed, even after 5 phone calls, so settled for September
  • Too many Costas/Starbucks/McDonalds and other bad stuff for my gut
  • My two favourite people in the whole world finally met each other :) (My fav)
  • And of course seeing and talking to friends, normally at pubs or involving alcohol and just being complete idiots – my ideal of LIFE.

Yeah, my life at the moment is pretty sweet, really. I have the most amazing life, friends, family and boyfriend. Really couldn’t ask for anything better, I have literally everything I want and it is only going to get better from here. June is coming up which by far is going to be the BEST month ever, going to Zante and going to Birmingham and will be the first month without University. Wipheeeeeeeeeeeee.

I’ll definitley keep you posted, Au revoir!

A Biz X

Countdown has begun

Salut a tous :)

It is midweek so I hope you are all happy and looking forward to the weekend ahead!

So, this week is the final week of my first year at University and what a first year it has been. I feel like I have achieved so much over the past few months than ever, I am very very proud that I am still here and completing my first year at least, even if I don’t come back next year.

This week has been and is going to be quite eventful. Obviously, I have Monday and Tuesday off so I haven’t really being doing much – just lazing around and being with Matt and his family, which is always fun. I applied for a few jobs, I mean like hundreds, and I got a few callbacks and an interview with Gourmet Burger Kitchen which is tomorrow. Fingers crossed. They wanted the 3 most funniest and weirdest reasons why they should employ you, so I said:

  • I am a burger-holic (half true, I do like burgers but rather have a bag of sour sweets)
  • I believe burgers are friends not food (Gay I know, but it reminded me of Finding Nemo – fav film ever)
  • I would keep telling them how amazing the burgers are until they have to agree just so I would shut up and have to come back for more.

Quite proud of them, so hopefully I will get this job…

Today I started off by going in for 9am for once, even though I didn’t have to, just being prepared for my Oral. Had a big breakfast: Orange Juice, Hot Chocolate, Crossiant and toast. FATTY, yes but my brain was turned on, fo’ sure! I wasn’t prepared for it at all, so it was a fail. I didn’t realised I had to write a speech before, but oh well. I think my make-up skills were on form… well not really. Fingers crossed for that too. I am now currently at Uni STILL. My goal is to stay until around 6pm. I have done a lot of notes on an essay due in later this month, so I am quite happy. I need to start it though. Got two other pieces of work to do for later this month, then my summer can start. It has already started though seeing that I don’t really care about Uni anwyays, so I have already  dossed off and doing what I want. Amen.

I only have two more days of University left, get in! Which is only two more lessons which is only 3 more hours of lectures yes. I do have to wake up for a 9am start tomorrow though, but I suppose I will be happy when that is over and done with. I am planning to stay at Uni tomorrow and Friday for at least 3 hours to get these assignments completed, so I don’t have to come back until October… GOOD TIMES.

Literally counting down till Friday, literally cannot wait.

To treat myself for my amazing effort I am going to the cinema with my bestfriend to watch Zac Efron’s new film! Wooooooohooooo, gonna be fun fun fun!


And don’t worry he isn’t cheating on me, it is me in a blonde wig. Panic over! So proud of him :’)

Have a good day anyways, speak soon!

A biz X

So, call me maybe?

Heya everyone who is still out there, it is me again!

Sorry if you don’t remember me, I don’t blame you, I haven’t wrote anything on here for weeks.. but I see it as a good thing as I am starting to get a life without going on the internet, result, but I thought today was the day that I would come back and start this up again. I have my coke, strawberries and chocolate to keep me going.

Anyways, so I have been off University for the past couple of weeks and I am now on my final week and it has gone so quick, literally. I have done hardly any work, standard, and I have spent every day being lazy, sleeping, eating loads of crap and watching loads and loads of TV.

So if I wrote down a each day account of the past few weeks I would be here till I was old and everything would be rotting and crumbling around me, so I won’t. Plus, you probably would not be happy with it and would definitley get bored! Believe me.

To sum up, I have had the BEST THREE WEEKS of this year so far. Everyone came down from univeristies which was awesome! Had the best times around town in the day and in the clubs at night. Most days I have drunk way too much and done and said stupid things. Got myself another family who love to play with Thomas the Tank Engine toy and drink loads of tea. Found a job, got given a job and then got fired from a job all in one day, awesome. Managed to live of £30 for the whole week (that was literally the hardest thing ever to do, try it! :|). Finally can eat chocolate, sweets and takeaways which I have missed so much. Easter Sunday was the best day ever had three easter eggs and four bags of tangfastics – LUSHH. All in all I can say the past three weeks have been amazing, so thank you to everyone who has been apart of it and made it what it was.

My student loan came in yesterday so I am loaded… had to buy some new shoes and earings, a girl ting. Felt so better after them purchases. I also had to pay for loads of bills which is not fun, so slowly my money is going down. Not good. Hoilday 2012 is paid for though after so many problems finally we are all set to go, as long as I remember my passport I should be fine. I also started some uni work waaay too late, got an oral exam next week and not really ready for it… well maybe coz the teachers haven’t really told us or guided us what to do so thats not really a good start.

Tomorrow I am going to visit one of my old teachers with my two beautiful girlies then I am going out just coz I can with my sistah q.terah.

Anyways, hopefully won’t leave it long next time,

Loveage, Au revoir X

P.s : I am not being gay with the title.. it is a song which I think is annoying, but catchy and I have heard it about a thousand times over the past few weeks also it is because it reminds me of my nigerian toyboy Jumuflunde who makes me marmite sandwiches when I am down, love you., OMG does that mean his name is William

Hiya guys and girlies :)

Currently in my bedroom, the sun is shining which made me wake up super early.. really need to change my curtains. Lucky is with me taking up the whole bed as usual, obviously can’t say nothing coz she is the female boss of the house. Bare shook of her.

Anyways I have been a busy bee over the weekend so I haven’t updated my blog or nothing, which in a way is good coz it does show I have a life and I don’t go on the internet all day every day because I have no friends (not that I do that…).

F R I D A Y: I went to the pub. Pub nights are the one. Saw some people I haven’t seen in ages and it was lovely. I think I was acting like an idiot and it is annoying you don’t realise this when you are drunk.

Even more when you don’t realise how much you have drank. Least time goes really quickly though especially when you are tired. Also, who texts people when you are sitting right next to them? Stupid little quiteones. I mean so anti-sociable.. not like I do that either. Pointless in my opinion.. Matt came back to mine and had to brace the cold and the long walk for the billionth time. I have had enough of it, I NEED A CAR DUDE.

S A T U R D A Y: I stayed in bed the whole day, caj day as a swan. Couldn’t really go outside coz it was super hot and I probably would have got burnt, so I stayed inside and suffered being really really really hot even if windows were open. I didn’t do much. I watched loads of TV like BGT and The Voice, which was shit. is a judge on The Voice and Matt realised that it spelt William, what an idiot. Made me day though.

Not suprising he went back to bed after.. I then went back to his where I literally went to sleep coz I was really tired coz someone was snoring and kept hitting me in the night so I couldn’t sleep and I am not talking about my dog. I wish I could say that I like went on a safari tour and went to Africa blah blah blah on Saturday, but I didn’t. So yeah that’s all I gotta say about Saturday really.

S U N D A Y: I stayed at Matt’s the whole day, TV day it was. Don’t get me wrong being in the house without the person you know in the house is a little weird and that’s why I did stay in bed the whole day, but then that is when his brother showed me you can download old games on the computer and that is when my world completley changed. There was one game which fit the bill. Banjo Kazooie. I LOVE THAT GAME. I had an Nintendo 64 and everything.

I played in for hours, but I was really shit, computer games are really a boys’ job. I died so many times, and I lost all my notes (heartbroken) and it took me forever to get them. Then POW Matt’s brother, Chris, just took the controls and completed it in like 10 minutes. Felt so stupid, so just had to laugh it off in style. It was literally the best nostalgia EVER. Watched Dancing On Ice where Chico dropped his partner. Having Sky+ really made the moment even better, must of rewinded it about 100 times. Couldn’t stop laughing!

M O N D A Y: Today was another bed day, but I decided to watch some stupid game shows; Deal or No Deal with sexy Noel and then The Chase with Sexy Anne. Best programmes ever. Had a massive binge with marmite on toast and custard creams and nice biscuits, which really are nice. Yummy. Then I had to take the long trip back to my house, but luckily I had Matt to keep me company. It was actually quite a funny train journey. 1) There was some fucking prick who like was a snobby fucker. If you saw him you would wanna whack him in the face. I knocked my bag into his face, accidently, honest, and he like pushed it really hard away. I nearly fell over and broke my head. I gave him the most evilest evils ever, and that really is evil.

I had a Jammie Dodger to make me feel better, so I was happy from then on. Some guy in front of us was taking up two seats and this guy who was standing up was clearly thinking “why are you so fat, I want that seat” all the way until he got off, was funny to watch. The guy who was in front of me was seriously concentrating on his suduko and was licking his lips and looked like he was suffering when he was trying to work out the numbers, he did give up.. eventually. Finally, there was this other guy who had something wrong with him (bless him) and kept swaying on the chair and kept doing things over and over again, like looking up and then down. He gave me a headache just looking at him. He kept laughing as well, bless him. It was a lovely thing to see as it did make me happy because he looked so full of life.

Next stop Hounslow. Finally. We then had to run for our lives to get the bus and I nearly broke my foot and my shoe when I went round the corner, Usian Bolt in the making. Stayed up for hours just talking to someone is probably the best moments I can ask for and also singing game show songs like Gladiator and Big Break and pretending you are on the show and rolling around on the bed at like 2am really is the best way to end any day.

T U E S D AY: Today is Tuesday, which means I go back to Uni tomorrow. Pretty annoyed though, one of my lesson is cancelled because of a strike and it has to be the later lesson. The stupid 9am French lesson has to be on though, stupid teacher. Stand up for us and make us proud by cancelling lessons, stupid teacher! So long though, I gotta wait from 11am to 5pm around Uni, so I probably will have to force myself to do some work that I have for Easter.

It has been a pretty chilled out day I went to Hounslow with my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I got my eyebrows done, which was the worst part. The person who did it was so shit as well and she did it so slow which made it hurt a whole lot more. I wanted to punch her in the face. I didn’t say thankyou though coz I was really really annoyed. One – nil.

We looked around the shops for a little while. I wanted to buy so much stuff today, but I seriously can’t. Need money ASAP. I am now home and looking for jobs (story of my life) whilst Lucky is asleep probably dreaming about her baby Tigger, bless her.

I now have a huge problemo though. I literally have run out of money. Yeah I have spent maybe a little too much on drink, food and clothes and pretty much everything. Having sales on things is really not good for me though.. but they are so cheap! I literally have 3 weeks until I get my new loan and I have worked out that in order to have enough money by the 16th April I have to budget myself to like £3 a day, considering it is £2.70 to get two buses (there and back to a certain place) I am literally screwed.

On top of that I have like bills which add up to over the total amount of money I currently have. Hmmm, I need a winning lottery ticket or at least a job.. Until my balance goes to £0 which will be soon, I will just have to keep smiling and enjoy the sun and life as much as I can.

Hope you are having a good week so far,

A bientot. X