10 ways to make you smile

Hey everyone, I have taken a break from writing for a few months, but recently I have had a change of heart and wanted to start and share with you my thoughts and day-to-day life events, so here I am!

With so much free time on my hands being unemployed, I have discovered that it sometimes can get me a little down. I see most of my friends and family doing so well, either working, studying, travelling, etc. and it always gives me a shock and therefore puts my life into perspective. For months I have continued this circle of thought, until recently.

Of course, I CAN NOT be like other people, and to be honest, why would I want to. Everyone achieves their goals in their own time, some slower than others, and everyone will get to theirs in time. My advice is the sooner you stop comparing yourself to others, the quicker you will focus on yourself to realise how many nice qualities you have.

With this in mind, I decided to share some joy and some wisdom with my top 10 ways to make you smile.

Un) Arrange a sleep structure. Get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time. Sleep is golden, and so is time! The early mornings can be painful for the first 10 minutes, but your body will get used to it! (Even on weekends, people!) When you realise how much more time you have just by awakening one hour earlier, it will show.

Deux) Have some ‘me’ time. I know having a social life stops you from being a loner, but once in a while, do something that you like doing, or just be with your thoughts for the evening. You never know what genius ideas you may have!

Trois) Start something new. I am not saying pack your bags and move country, (which would be amazing, don’t get me wrong) I mean join a sports group after work or college or use your creativity to create new art work for your house.

Quatre) Stroke an animal. I love dogs, so for me this is proven to work! Animals can provide joy without them trying, and even if you don’t like dogs, I’m sure looking through a fish tank at the cast of Finding Nemo would calm you down and make you relaxed.

Cinq) Explore the outdoors. Especially now the weather is sunnier (I DON’T WANNA JINX IT) everything outside looks 1000% more beautiful. Invest your time in the green spaces we have, before it is too late!!

Six) Charity work. This can be as simple as giving your spare time either fundraising, volunteering or just donating unwanted things to a charity shop. It is all for a good cause.

Sept) Spend time with nieces/nephews or little children (that you know, of course!) I know an afternoon with children can be some people’s worst nightmare, but they can be the funniest people most of the time and plus, you can join in and play hide and seek.

Huit) Have long phone conversations. I know people use social media way too much these days, but actually having a chat on the phone with a close friend, even talking about rubbish, I think still can lift your mood.

Neuf) Run yourself a bath and fill it with all your products, bath bombs, gels and soaps. I am not saying waste all of these in one go, but once in a while, just have a splurge. This is definitely one that I love doing.

Dix) Reflect. Sometimes people forget about how far they have come and concentrate on the journey ahead of them. Just remember all your achievements in your life and remember all the people you have shared memories with. Then you will realise the positive impact your life has had, on yourself and on others.



Happy Thursday everyone! 

So last night was student night, therefore I was out in Kingston getting ma crunk orn, you may call it getting smashed! And so I did, but today hasn’t been a good day. Woke up so ill that literally I felt like all my body parts are going to fall off. I spent most of the day hugging the toilet and throwing all the contents in my stomach (which believe me were not much by the end of the 2 hour ordeal) into the toilet. Great stuff.

On a higher note, last night was probably one of the best nights I have had at Oceana.. it is kinda a luck of the draw if you have a good night or a shit night, and tbh most of the times it has been shit.. and only a few are good, but you have to be drunk to experience those. For a student night it was quite empty, which I liked as I hate little pricks who barge into you and think its funny. I had a few of them last night, but I sorted them out soon enough with my own barging. Drinks were cheap, got most of them brought for me – result, so obvs I am not complaining.

Hours in there really felt like minutes and it was time to go home. I managed to get into a fight with some boys as they pushed one of my friend into the road, little pricks, and soon they backed off knowing not to mess with the Swanage. How the fuck can you push a girl? To make things worse pushing a girl in the road? Stupid little fuckers. By the time the bus came everything was sorted and I got on the bus (without paying) and soon enough I was at home having some strawberries before crashing out.

After spending the whole day in bed and rolling around in my bed going insane whilst being in so much pain I finally woke up and left my house looking like a ghost crossed with a cat that has been dragged through bushes and then thrown again the wall (No cats were harmed when making this blog and no, I do not agree with animal violence, it was just a saying).

With a Coke, sandwich, chocolate lollypop, jammie dodgers and spaghetti bolognaise in me I still feel like crap right now, only thing which is making it a bit more bearable is seeing pictures and statuses of my friends when they were drunk last night. I like very much.

For now I am going to go and watch Crimewatch, which I enjoy very much.. not. I dunno why I watch it I get scared too easily by things on there, I hate it, but I love scaring myself to the point that I am afraid of leaving my house…

Note to self: Need to talk to someone about this