King Derren moves into the palace

Derren Brown returns to the west end this year for the famous, Infamous. 

Brown, who has been around for over ten years, has delighted, shocked and confused millions of people with his stunts and tricks that have broadcast on television. Since his memorable game of Russian Roulette he has climbed the ladders of many successes over the years with his unique brain and concepts.

So it is a delight to announce that Derren has returned to the west end at the Palace Theatre for probably the best live act I have ever witnessed. His techniques and stage presence literally leave the audiences in awe without even knowing it. When you think his trick have concluded, he leaves us stunned when there is a twist which no-one would have thought of.

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Infamous, courtesy of

Of course, I have promised Derren himself that I will not say anything about the show, and I will not, because I was grateful that I did not know anything as it made the experience truly unforgettable.

If you thought he was fantastic, honestly you have no seen nothing yet, not until you see him live, you never know it could be you taking part in his tricks.

When selecting seats either go for the dress circle or stalls. Without having to cramp your neck looking up at the stage, dress circle is ideal, although most of the action is in the stalls and you are more likely to be involved in the show (hint.) Decision is up to you, but choose well.

The stunts and tricks attract the minds of viewers and sometimes do make them very light headed, so it is definitely not for faint hearted or for under 12’s. (Trust me, you do not want to run the risk.)

Infamous runs until the 17th August at the Palace Theatre, Central London (Tube: Leicester Square)

For more information check out Derren’s website.